1. gnat

    I wish you all an inspiring fast!

    The time of the fast is here again. Therefore, I wish you all a fruitful and inspiring fast. gnat
  2. I

    The Fast of Ramadan

    The Fast of Ramadan The Fast of Ramadan is fardh. One who denies the fardiyat oh the Fast of Ramadan becomes a kaafir while one who accepts its fardiyat but neglects its observance is described as a fasiq. The Fast of Ramadan commences when the sighting of the Ramadan hilal has been confirmed...
  3. Pollwr

    "frequented fane" reference in fast prayer

    I was just looking for some insight into the reference to the "frequented fane" in a prayer for the fast as I could not find "fane" in my paper dictionary. I found this that may be of interest to others. The Badi Blog: Fane
  4. N

    When does the fast end this year?

    The Badi calendar now confuses me more than it used to. I know the date the fast ends can depend on where you live, so in the Americas, does the fast end on the 19th or the 20th?
  5. N

    The Fast Thread 172 B.E.

    Thought I'd create a general thread for people to discuss the ongoing thread. Not so much to get bogged down in scriptural minutiae perhaps. There's plenty of that already. But we've got a 19 day month to get through, those of us doing it, so maybe here's a good way to share feelings...
  6. J

    Im very ill, should i still fast?

    So the Bahai fast is coming up, and its my first one. I have been preparing and researching and am looking forward to start. However i have just come down with the flu. Should i still fast or should I make my health a priority?
  7. B

    Question about the fast

    Hello friends! The fast is approaching, it will be my second time! :D I am so excited but I don't know how to go about it. First I will travel as an echange student for two weeks, and then they will come with me home for two weeks. I don't know if I should do the fast as I want to have energy...
  8. Walrus

    Fast of the Mind

    I was re-reading the Chuang Tzu, and stumbled across this parable in which Confucius (narrated by Chuang Tzu, so not actually the words of Confucius) describes a different sort of fast. Seeing as we are approaching the end of our fast, I thought I'd share it, as it is interesting.
  9. EternalStudent9


    Lately I have been experiencing increased stress, dizziness, a strong desire not to eat in the mornings, hallucinations, and this morning I experienced violent shaking during sleep paralysis. I need advice. Specifically, I need to know if it would be responsible for me to continue to fast with...
  10. J

    Thoughts about the Fast

    As we begin today the annual 19 day Baha'i Fast, here is a beautiful passage from the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States: In a society that too often seems to celebrate unrestrained consumption, the voluntary act of abstaining from food and drink during the hours of daylight is a...
  11. D

    What to eat during fast

    Hello friends! Now that the 19-day fasting is soon here, I wonder if you have any tips on what to eat before and after sun's up? Maybe it's a funny question... but this is my first fast and I have no idea what to expect! And how my enery levers will be. I imagine that it is better to eat...
  12. M

    Preparing for the fast.. and that one link for tips for fasting..

    How do you guys prepare for the fast. I basically just soldier it out honestly and it gets easier as the fast goes on. I remember someone posted a link with tips for the fast.. About getting enough water in the morning, fruits, and not to over indulge when fast breaks.. Thoughts...
  13. Pollwr

    Yoga and the fast

    Does anyone else on the forum practise Yoga? If so, do they modify their practise during the fast. My instructor said that they would not recommend I continue during the fast and that inversions may be a problem. I just wondered if anyone had any experience.
  14. U

    Fast is really testing me

    Guys, the fast is really testing me. I am in general a really fit healthy guy, I eat 6 healthy meals a day, like to work out/run/swim, etc. In fact, my physical fitness is even linked to my spiritual well-being in several ways. I don't think the fasting is serving it's purpose if at some level...
  15. J

    Question on the Fast

    In the Aqdas, Baha'u'llah says, "and beware lest desire deprive you of the grace that is appointed in the Book." Does this 'desire' mean thinking about being hungry or thirsty or desire leading to breaking the fast? Thoughts?
  16. arthra

    Looking forward to the Fast...

    No sooner do we have Ayyam-i-Ha then we have fasting from sunrise to sunset... Here is a way you can locate the sunrise and sunset times where you happen to live... Sunrise and Sunset Calculator Sunrise & Sunset Times by Zip Code Writings on the Baha'i Fast: The Baha'i Fast Mobile App...
  17. M

    Breaking fast if nessassarry for work...

    I get up very early for work, and need to be focused for work. I drive a company's vehicle and I need to be focused, and coffee helps me stay alert. I do moderate to heavy labor but some days are lighter than the next.. (I know there is an exception for this) but.. bottom line is I need to...
  18. M

    Hope you guys had a wonderful fast!

    ! Allah-u-Abaha!
  19. Truthseeker96

    The fast and personal prayer question

    Hey guys, the fast is starting to approach and i know it is from march 2 to the 21. But on the 21 do u not eat till sunset or is the 21 the first day back to normal. Also do you say the fast prayer everyday of the fast or just the first. Now for the personal prayer, i find that after i get...
  20. wombatwolf

    Question about the fast

    Hi everyone- So one reason I have not joined the faith is that I am currently running track and field for my high school, but the 19 day- fast is right in the middle of the season- not eating (substantially) during this time with all the running would be physically harmful--and I do not want...