1. Lemuel

    Favorite Bahá'í quote

    I wanted to see what you guys would put :D, this one is mine and fuels my belief of humanity>religion: "To serve mankind and minister the needs of the people, this is worship." And also, "Blessed is he who prefers his brother over himself" Both of these quotes are from Bahá'u'lláh.
  2. SoldierofAllah97

    Personal Favorite messenger?

    Does anyone have a favorite messenger of God they would like to share? Or would it be considered forbidden
  3. D

    Religious Good News To Warm Your Heart; Check Out Our Favorite Stories Of Kindness

    Religious Good News To Warm Your Heart; Check Out Our Favorite Stories Of Kindness Yasmine HafizThe Huffington PostNov 02, 2013 [i]'Sometimes life can get you down, but there's so much human goodness out there if you take a quick look around. From the smallest smile to the most lavish act of...
  4. A

    Favorite dish of Baha’u’llah?

    Dear all, Can anyone post here a recipe of how to make a favorite dish of Baha’u’llah, please?
  5. A

    Your Favorite Prayer

    To every member of this forum, Please describe your favorite prayer in this thread. As for me, Tablet of Ahmad :)
  6. M

    Your favorite song? ... Genre?

    Well ... So many serious discussion going on here... Lets now see what's our favorite songs are!... No it doesn't have to be particularly a Baha'i song (it can be too ofcourse, but thats free of choice) ... But your own distinct favorite song?... It can be romantic... it can be soothing...
  7. L

    Favorite Baha'i song?

    For me, it would have to be: YouTube - Dawnbreaker Collective: "Son of Being" I can't help it, I come from a hip hop background and they have skill imo Close seconds would be: YouTube - Kiss the Rope (Tribute to Mona) and YouTube - "This Love" (Dedicated to the Baha'is in Iran) I am...
  8. daniel

    Favorite memories and fun times during your walk in the Bahai Faith?

    This site has a ton of knowledge, insight, resources, and information on the scriptures and teachings of the Baha'i Faith... and while that is awesome and superb, I hope this community also embraces just the task of living life and all the fun and exciting things that are part of that, the...
  9. daniel

    most influential religious figure?

    I dont want to ask the simple question of who is your favorite religious person... instead I want to know which religious figure has inspired you more than any other. Is there one that, for you, has been influential as you grow in the faith?
  10. daniel

    Favorite book/author?

    Do you have a favorite Baha'i book or author you like? Tell us what it is and what you enjoy about it.
  11. Y

    Favorite quotes from Holy Scriptures of World Religions

    Today I read a beautiful quote from the Mathnawi of Rumi, the great Islamic Sufi poet and it inspired me to compose a thread devoted to the best quotes from the Holy Scriptures and devotional writings of all the worlds religions. You may quote from your own religious tradition or that of...
  12. Jafar

    Favorite Baha'i Books?

    Kitab'i'Iqan--that book changed me more then anything else i've read, i think. Seven Valleys Secret of Divine Civilization World Order Letters its been awhile since i've looked at some of these books, though. what is everyone elses experiences?
  13. Jafar

    Favorite non-baha'i book/authors?

    whats your favorite author and book? Authors: R.B. Fuller Walter Kauffman J. Krishnamurti Books: Critical Path Les Miserables Jack of Shadows Faith of a Heretic