1. Walrus

    Virtual Firesides & Virtual Deepenings Planning Thread

    An Idea for a Project Others here have given me an inspiration for a project... It starts with Yousefy's comment in one thread: I agree with this, since my preferred model of learning or studying would be the "deepening class" model, and the lady in my community who once organized such...
  2. Y

    No more firesides or deepenings ?

    Are firesides and deepenings still allowed to take place as the current plan of the UHJ focuses more on study circles and activities based on Ruhi courses .. ?
  3. N


    I finally got to go to a Fireside, 2+ years after declaring. ;) ok, I do things upside down. It was a fantastic visit. We really got to touch on a variety of discussions, and in general I feel more like a member of my local Baha'i community than I had before. It's going to become a regular...