1. W

    self forgiveness

    Any prayers or stories to do with forgiving yourself from the mistakes you've made or moving on from mistakes. I'm regretting something bad I did and its leading me into a spiral of depression and anxiety during my exam period.
  2. D

    Will God's forgiveness solve every difficulty?

    Hi all, I am wondering if you could offer your thoughts on the way that God's forgiveness might affect my life. I have been ill for the last 4 years with mental health problems, and have only been working part time for some of it, for the rest of the time I have been volunteering. So my...
  3. BlinkeyBill


    How do we forgive? So many find it impossible? But God directs us, to be forgiving. How many examples do the Bab, Baha'u'llah and Abdul-Baha give us on forgiveness, yes many many examples in their own lives. Was reading this article today of one peoples forgiveness.... 'Hope - Documentary' -...
  4. L

    My vision of Forgiveness

    This is my interpretation. If you find it resonates with you, that is wonderful. If not, remember it is just what I am seeing right now, nothing official or authorized or any of that! To me, forgiveness is not about getting away with things. Oh God I sinned but please, please don't punish...
  5. D

    When to pray for forgiveness?

    I am trying to work out how much we need to pray for forgiveness. We all make mistakes, and in a common sense-type way, we surely don't need to pray for forgiveness after every single one, only the ones that we feel were our 'fault'. But what does that even mean? Aren't they all our fault to...
  6. arthra

    Former enemy of Baha'is asks forgiveness:

    A Conversation between a Bahai and a former member of Hojjatieh Association - YouTube
  7. I

    What does forgiveness mean?

    Heaven is nearness to God and Hell is being far. Thus we don't believe that, there will be a day that all mankind are raised from their graves physically, and are judged and some go to hell, and some go to heaven... My question is, what does forgiveness mean in this quote from Iqan: It is also...
  8. shathaway


    Forgiveness To kindness should be added those tender passions that are among the distinguishing features of the human race; sympathy, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, generosity. We all do what is wrong, be it in a big way or a little way, because we are not perfect. Wrong implies the...