1. Y

    Free bahais? Forged will?

    I came across some information as I'm new to the Baha'i faith, that shogi effendi forged the will of abdul baha and broke the convenant by not writing a will this was from a group who name themselves free bahais who believe in Bahaullah and abdul baha and from there say it's corrupted ? I can...
  2. ahanu

    The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online

    "The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News". There are many experts weighing in on the nature of discussions in the digital age. Thoughts? Here are two excerpts: 1. "Many experts fear uncivil and manipulative behaviors on the internet will persist – and may get...
  3. M

    Free Will & Predestination

    In "Some Answered Questions" by Abdul baha we have a part on the subject of free will. the questioner asks there: WHEN AN action which someone will perform becomes the object of God’s knowledge and is recorded in the “Guarded Tablet” of destiny, is it possible to resist it? and Abdul Baha...
  4. tonyfish58

    Mans Venture into Free Will

    I would wonder why man would like to pursue Free Will when we see what we have done with it. ;) I guess that science fiction does indeed reflect what may be :tape: A Computer now being easily a victor over the best man can put to it! Will be an interesting future! Regards Tony
  5. ahanu

    Free will

    Here we can share our thoughts on free will. Let's begin! In my opinion, some people exercise more free will than others. Environment and biology can constrain my amount of free will, meaning I only have a small amount of room to make my own decisions because of how low the ceiling is, but...
  6. arthra

    Free downloads of Baha'i Writings

    Free downloads of WORD and PDF formats at Baha'i Reference Library: Titles by Author
  7. WanRod

    Baha'i Faith and Free Will

    Hi everyone, today I want to ask this: Is there a concept of predestination in the Baha'i Faith (such as in Calvinism for example) or do men, in the Baha'i view have free will? Thank you for every answer ;)
  8. L

    Ruhi available as free PDF's

    Can someone please help explain why the Ruhi books are not freely available as PDF files?? I actually found a site that has them, but it's not officially supposed to be available.
  9. T

    A non-violent, philosophical, and free game

    The End is a non-violent, philosophical, and free online game, a good way to dispel boredom.
  10. arthra

    Iran urged to free Baha'i educators...

    Scientists call for release of Baha'i educators 20 March 2012 COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, United States — An international body that monitors the human rights of scientists around the world, and assists those in need, is urging the Iranian authorities to free imprisoned Baha'i educators. In a...
  11. jupitermadcat

    Free books

    I don't know if anyone of you know about this but this is a site where you can obtain free books for your Kindle. Bahá
  12. arthra

    Some free downloads from Badasht:

    "That which the people possess, and the treasures of the earth, and that which the rulers and kings own, are not equal in this day to the singing of His praise." - Bahá'u'lláh The Badasht Project :thumbsup:
  13. arthra

    Free Fire Tablet!

    You were thinking I was offering this Amazon Kindle Fire tablet: $199, 7-inch screen, ships Nov. 15 - for free? :):):) ........Not! I meant this: FIRE TABLET In the Name of God, the Most Ancient, the Most Great. Indeed the hearts of the sincere are consumed in the fire of...
  14. I

    Baha'i Belief on Free Will

    In this thread, let's discuss these topics: Are we free beings or not? Is there a predestine? What is a test, and when we are being tested, does it mean, God is intervening? How would you understand this prayer from Baha'u'llah: "Whosoever Thou exaltest is raised above the angels, and...
  15. B

    Free Bahai songs/mp3 online??

    Dear Friends, I am wondering if there are any sites on the net where you can either download free bahai prayers and music or listen to music/prayers for NDF's or meetings? I am aware of youtube and downloading from there... But anything else? Best regards, Badi
  16. daniel

    Gotta ask... is there a such thing as free will??

    Back in my college days, my friends and I used to get into arguments over free will...whether or not it was real. Free will meaning having the ability to do something using your very own thought processes, not meaning that someone else influences any control on any decision you make. Perhaps...
  17. shathaway

    Free Speech - Rules and Consequences!

    World Situation – Free Speech – Religious Salvation Is Needed What is the real war of today? Is it politics? Is it public media? Is it persons of radical religious persuasion? Is it the censorship of thought? The answer is non of these! These wars are of those who have...