1. tonyfish58

    Prayers for our Friends and All

    This Post is to offer Prayers. I wish to start it by offering a prayer for friends that have been part of this Forum and we do not see as often, for reasons still unknown. Two come to mind that we have not heard from for a while. Blinky Bill and Maryamr. Then to anybody that needs this...
  2. camachoe

    Persecution of our Jehovah's Witnesses friends

    Dear all Jehovah's Witnesses (JW) are Christians that, like Bahai, have been persecuted since mid XIX centurty and right now, as I write this, are subject to active persecution by the Russian government. The JW, like the Bahai, stress the oneness of God, the distinction between God and Jesus...
  3. S

    hello my baha'i friends

    hello friends, I was born a muslim in a muslim family in a muslim country. in my teenage years I wanted to belong to something so I started practicing islam getting closer to know god and became a muslim later on I got to know about Christianity and thought it looked cool so I wanted to become...
  4. S

    Hello friends

    Hello and alla-u-abha, I'm a Baha'i since 2011 living in Berlin, Germany. I grew up as an atheist in a very atheist environment, until a couple of life shaking events put me on a spiritual journey. After reading Bible and Quran, something still held me back, until I accidentally read about the...
  5. J

    Hello Friends

    Thank you to those who offered me such a warm welcome! I have been a Baha'i since my 15th BD. That was 44 years ago. I am the only Baha'i in my family still in the material world. I had one brother who was a Baha'i but he moved to the spiritual world a couple of years ago. I must confess I do...
  6. Moonshadow

    Hello friends

    Hello friends, Thank you for this forum. My background is not Baha'i, but the teaching of the fundamental unity underlying religion resonates with me. I look forward to your thoughts and wisdom.
  7. J

    A favor to ask of any friends I might have here

    I'm still trying to stay out of Internet discussions for now, but I have a favor to ask of any friends I might have here. It's personal and private, so please PM me.
  8. BlinkeyBill

    Farewell dear friends

    Dear friends, I have decided to withdraw from the forum as apparently some feel I do not respond in a Baha'i manner. This may or may not be true, I know I brush some people the wrong way, but upon meditating upon this problem I am not sure if it is my fault or theirs. Anyway that being said I...
  9. EternalStudent9

    Pray for me, my friends.

    Dear friends, LogicalReason, the individual around which so much tension on these forums has revolved in the recent past, has popped up on another forum I frequent. Pray that I can be polite! I'm afraid my initial reaction to his appearance was not very Baha'i. It was "Holy. Sh*t. Not you."...
  10. frazelle09

    Looking for friends to help with electronic solar hot water heater project

    Dear friends. We are a small group here in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico who have almost finished an electronic solar hot water heater and would like some input/help/suggestions on the project in order to improve it. Parabolic Solar Hot Water Heater - Appropedia: The sustainability wiki...
  11. Y

    Looking for friends to do Wilmette Course "The Destiny of America"

    Dear friends, I am looking for friends to do this Wilmette Course together. Please find the details below. Thanks! The Destiny of America - Event Summary | Online Registration by Cvent FACULTY: Christopher Buck, Reba Carruth In The Destiny of America we will examine the visions of...
  12. Julesy

    Blessings and peace, Baha'i friends!

    Blessings and greetings, friends! :) I'm not a Baha'i myself, actually a Orthodox Catholic , but I have great respect and love for the Baha'i Faith. I have always believed that all religions teach some type of spiritual truth and teach something that people of all faiths can learn from. While I...
  13. J

    Baha'is and friends help me?

    NOTE added 3/20/2013 Anyone who grieves about being confined to your home, and yearns to go out into the world to help spread the message, please ponder this question: What is confining you to this cloister on the Internet? If anyone heeds this call, and you don't know where to start, you...
  14. J

    Allá'u'abhá dear friends

    I'm pleased to be part of the bahá'í forums, thank you for the welcome and you messages :) I'm a Bahá'í and new in this world of forums, I'm sure that with your help i will learn a lot! I have a pre-youth group and i will be glad if you give us ideas of oportunities to serve. Thank you,:) Jenny
  15. eye

    Allah'u'abha friends

    ashdsda as da sda s
  16. Itena

    Hello friends!

    I'm just a young woman getting into the twentieth decade of her life. I've been a Baha'i all my life, and have always loved the Faith, but in the recent year or two I've become inactive due to my own weaknesses and as a result of some hard mental tests that I've been given. I've been in a rather...
  17. LordOfGoblins

    Dear Friends. Shall we receive Good at the hands of God...

    And shall we not receive evil? Job 2:10 I have found the book of Job very relvent and often times helpful in getting through difficult parts in my life where I can find absolutely no material solution. Not through prayer or doctors or any thing to find help to my difficulties...
  18. G

    "Baha'i" Friends who Drink

    This has been upsetting me for some time. I've got several friends who I've grown up Baha'i with who, for various reasons, have decided that it's ok to drink. Some of them try to hide it, others post photos of themselves all over Facebook with obvious drinks in their hands, while "acting" like...
  19. LordOfGoblins

    Dear friends. Please pray for my sister...

    She has recently given birth to a baby and after a difficult labour has subsequently contracted an infection. The antibiotics are not working and it is a serious state. Please help her... :(
  20. B

    Is it normal when you leave the Baha'i faith to have your old Baha'i "friends" delete

    Is it normal when you leave the Baha'i faith to have your old Baha'i "friends" delete you from Facebook...? I mean, I didn't say anything bad to them about the Baha'i faith.