1. A

    gay married couple interested in Baha'i Faith

    I need to know this: A legally married gay couple is interested in becoming a Baha'i. Would they have to split up and get a divorce?
  2. camachoe

    In which terms can a legally married gay couple join the Bahai Community?

    Dear all One of my best friends... maybe the best one I have had over the last 20 years, is gay and legally married to his husband. (Same-sex marriage was approved in Mexico City since 2007) Both are extraordinary people, full of generosity, intelligence and spirit of service to everyone. I...
  3. A

    Gay Marriage Now Legal in the US

    Gay marriage is now legal in the US! Do you think the House of Justice will become in favor of gay marriage to coincide with the law? Do you think we should support gay marriage since it is legal?
  4. M

    Current changes in status of Gay Marriage in USA

    Are the Baha'i faith teachings about to be trumped by science? Epigenetics may underlie homosexuality, study finds -- ScienceDaily 2012 University of Tennessee - Knoxville and STUDY: Genes Play A Role In Male Homosexuality | ThinkProgress 2014 Northwestern University If science eventually...
  5. Yusuf Mirza Ali

    Shoghi Effendi (PBUH) might have been gay.

    by Wahid Azal 23-Aug-2009 [Editors Note: Although all the existing evidence is anecdotal and so inconclusive, it should be noted that Ruhi Afnan, Shoghi Effendi's first cousin, made similar allegations about Shoghi Effendi's sexuality, as did Fayzullah Sobhi. The late US NSA archivist, Jackson...
  6. Yusuf Mirza Ali

    Gay Marriage

    Yes, this is a sensitive topic, but I will go anyway Let's say I'm gay, if I got married or in a civil union would I have membership revoked? I think the UHJ should change this rule, homosexuality is proven by science, and since the Bahá'í Faith has to agree with science gays should be seen as...
  7. N

    Baha'is must pray the gay away....

    There are too many homosexuals in the world, and within the baha'i community. Let us not forget the words of the Baha'i master; gays are handicapped and they should pray the gay away: Shoghi Effendi, the appointed head of the religion from 1921 to 1957, taught that "through the advice and...
  8. N

    Bahai prophet was gay

    I just heard this on a muslim website. is it true?
  9. N

    Will God help with gay love?

    Will he?
  10. N

    Gay Bahai's

    allahu abha, We are the Gay Baha;is of the world. Our numbers are greater than non-gay Baha'is. We have reason to believe Bahaullah himself was gay.
  11. Le Chat Noir

    Over again with gay topic

    Hi there! I’ve been reading thoroughly a few threads about homosexuality topic from a Baha’i perspective. I first have to say that I’m very happy to note that discussions about this are quite rewarding as in most cases they reflect the very essential of Baha’i teachings...
  12. J

    Do gay activists sometimes misrepresent and mistreat people with contrary views?

    After I started the threads about Baha'is mistreating gays, it seemed to me only fair to start this one. I do see gay activists misrepresenting and mistreating people with views about homosexuality contrary to theirs. I'll explain later why, in Baha'i forums, I only post objections to Baha'is...
  13. tonyfish158

    was Bahaullah Gay?

    What do you think?
  14. N

    The Baha'i Gay Poll

    What are your views on homosexuality?
  15. Noexalt

    Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay

    I'd like to take the temperature here if you don't mind. How many of you have Baha'is in your community who are gay? Are they active? Inactive? Do they sense any subtle forms of discrimination or feel ignored in your community? Are they out in the open or is still a secret, or a secret to...
  16. J

    Responding to gay Baha'i in Internet discussions

    Responding to gay Baha'is in Internet discussions PLEASE NOTE: 1. If you have not studied all the guidance you can find in Baha'i writings, about how to conduct yourself in Internet discussions, and made systematic and sustained efforts to put it into practice, then posting anything here at...
  17. A


    Hi im baha'i guy but i have gay feelings and i feel so frustrated about it i want to get rid of it cuz its not right i want you to help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze and don't tell me to have a girlfriend cuz my country is a typical islamic country
  18. cire perdue

    Gay alternative: Recovery

    I became a Baha'i almost literally in a gay bar in 1973 at age 22. I thought at first it was okay to be gay since I had met 2 gay Baha'is. I thought Seals and Crofts were gay. It was some time before I realized that living a gay lifestyle was not in tune with the Faith. I was amazingly willing...