1. Babism

    Great war will come

    Great war will come Conquer Israel by Magog "One day, the army of Magog from far north , the Great Bear and two eagels in his emblem will be unity together to conquer and fight with Children of Israel, for the hills in Holy Land they will be fight" (Notes of PSZ) Source -...
  2. Y

    St. Hildegard of Bingen: Most Great Peace?

    I was curious to know what Baha'is thought about this prophecy published in a work of medieval theology and mysticism called the Liber Divinorum Operum (Book of Divine Works) by St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179), also known as the Sibyl of the Rhine, who was a German Benedictine abbess...
  3. Babism

    The Great Revelation of Nazarethan Baha'i Faith

    The Great Revelation The Great Revelation 1:1 Thus says the Lord, not exalted man in place of God, is mortal can save? Is the man who claims to be Savior can redeem the guilts ? No, by Yahweh name , God is forgetful, the only One who erases the sins! If a man says “I am Savior let people...
  4. S

    The Great Peacemaker: A Prophet?

    If anyone knows much involving the Great Peacemaker, I have a question. I personally have heard quite a few stories of Deganawida. I've seen in various sites (Albeit Wiki-type ones) which say that some have seen that he is a Manifestation. This interests me, as I am open to the thought of him...
  5. tonyfish58

    Disunity a great burden for Humanity

    May I suggest that the Following two Pilgrim notes contain notes from Table Talks given by Shoghi Effendi that give much for us to think about. As we know the Status of these notes, they are good only to help with thought patterns and we are not to dwell on the contents as "Scripture". This...
  6. M

    Great and yet still infantile.

    As majestic and profound as the latest and not final teachings from God are. In perspective to the future they are put forth in a manner for infants to understand and for many, impossible to comprehend. Yet still they need to followed as best as one can. Impeded as we are by our upbringing and...
  7. becky

    great source for just about any book

    This is not really a thread starter, but wanted to share a great place to find just about any book very It's hard to beat free online, but sometimes you just want a book.
  8. BlinkeyBill

    In Memory of a Great Baha'i

    "I am only a drop from the vast ocean of Baha'u'llah's school" Notable among those who had attained the station of true knowledge was Mirza Abu'l-Fadl, the great Baha'i scholar and one of the Apostles of Baha'u'llah. He is renowned for his vast knowledge, not only within the Baha'i community...
  9. L

    Internet: Most Great Claim of Baha

    'he who speaks in the most great prison (i.e. Acre) is the Creator of all things and the one who brought all names into being' 'verily, I am God' 'the essence of the pre-existent (dhat al-qidam) has appeared' 'he has been born who begets not nor is begotten' 'the educator of all...
  10. M

    Great Find Here

  11. D

    Great Catastrophe is here

    The world is in travail, and its agitation waxeth day by day. Its face is turned towards waywardness and unbelief. Such shall be its plight, that to disclose it now would not be meet and seemly. Its perversity will long continue. And when the appointed hour is come, there shall suddenly appear...
  12. Rani

    Most great convulsion

    Dear Friends, Upon reading this passage immediately below this morning from The Advent of Divine Justice, I was wondering if anyone has an opinion as to how we know if this 'most great convulsion' has already happened or not? So often when reading holy scriptures we seem to assume that fearful...
  13. ahanu

    Great talks on God

    If you're not familiar with John Polkinghorne or Alvin Plantinga, check out their views on God below. John Polkinghorne makes an interesting case that God is not totally in control of the universe. He says the act of creation was an act of self-limitation. He also thinks of the unfolding of...
  14. arthra

    Two great albums from Abha Music:

    "The Land of Mystery" and "The Bird of Heaven" by Alex Zografov are on MP3 and I find the songs and instrumentation fantastico! Listen to the samples..:thumbsup: Alex Zografov: MP3 Downloads
  15. A

    The most great leaf

    I was very scantily aware that Baha'u'llah had a daughter on whom he conferred the title The Most Great Leaf.I know absolutely noting abut her to my shame.I have just read the Guardian's tribute to her on her passing.How he loved her!Nor had I known that she managed the Faith for a number of...
  16. Y

    The Lesser Peace and the Most Great Peace: World Religions

    "...The Great Peace towards which people of good will throughout the centuries have inclined their hearts, of which seers and poets for countless generations have expressed their vision, and for which from age to age the sacred scriptures of mankind have constantly held the promise, is now at...
  17. O

    The Most Great Peace

    In the baha'i scriptures it talks about The Most Great Peace. But how can we have peace if people act like thay don't want it? A lot of terrible things are going on in the world and people act like thay are fine with it. And our world leaders are just as bad if not worse. I think about this...
  18. Y

    In Search of Cyrus the Great

    Preview Cyrus The Great - Spenta Productions makes films about history's untold stories Cyrus the Great Movie
  19. bwb

    Other Divine religions inspired great civilizations

    MOSES At a time when the Israelites had multiplied in Egypt and were spread throughout the whole country, the Coptic Pharaohs of Egypt determined to strengthen and favor their own Coptic peoples and to degrade and dishonor the children of Israel, whom they regarded as foreigners. Over a long...
  20. arthra

    The Great Star Fall is back ...

    The Leonid Shower is coming... This Leonid Shower is the same one many expected would presage the end of the world.. It also symbolizes the fall of the priestly order... The Great Star Fall of 1833 was well noted...In describing the Day...