1. A

    What has happened to Baha'i Media Bank?

    It’s down for several months now. Site is down for maintenence - [Client Name]
  2. N

    A funny thing happened...

    Some years ago, I was approached by a couple of men with bright smiling faces. They ran to me excited like small giddy children. I instantly smiled as well. They held my hands which have tattoos on the wrist (something many christians frown upon) and said happily "These tattoos are...
  3. arthra

    "Something" happened in 1844

    Here are some materials I collected form another forum that may be of interest.. While Baha'is regard Joseph Smith (1805-1844) more as a seer than a "Prophet" the following is sometimes cited: "I earnestly desired to know concerning the coming of the Son of man & prayed, when a voice Said to...