1. tonyfish58

    Happy Ridvan

    May all be immersed in much joy on this the First Day of Ridvan BE175 Love to all Regards Tony
  2. tonyfish58

    Happy Ayyam-i-Ha for BE173

    Allah'u'abha to all that visit - I wish you all a most wonderful and happy Ayyam-i-ha on this the 2nd Day of HA BE 173. May you always be well, may you always be Happy and may you always be full of Joy! What a gift that has been given, What a day to live in, what a day to be granted such a...
  3. becky

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing everyone a most happy and blessed Thanksgiving! Whether you celebrate the day or not, every day is a day for experiencing thankfulness and sharing with others God's bounty. Loving regards, Becky
  4. AidanK

    Happy Ridvan one and all

    Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Bahaullah , may I wish you all the joys and blessings of the most special Baha'i celebration when Bahaullah revealed Himself to His disciples just as Lord Jesus did in Gethsemene
  5. tonyfish58

    Happy Ayyam-i-ha

    May all our Forum Buddies, their Family, friends and well all the world have a Happy and rewarding Ayyam-i-ha. To me this would be a good read at this time, it really is something quite special - the link is a 15 page PDF. :cool: http://www.theknowledgeofgod.com/books/Glimpse_of_Paradise.pdf...
  6. gnat

    Happy New Year!

    A very happy New Year to all of you – not just to those who call themselves Bahá’ís, but to all those who sincerely strive in the same spirit. During this year, I have come to understand that there are so many more of us: the Pope, who manifests the same spirit, the fantastic Ayatollah...
  7. N

    Happy Naw-Rúz

    Last stretch of the fast (I forgot breakfast and liquids this morning, arrgh!) I hope that the last month has gone well for you all!
  8. J

    To All A Happy Ayyam-i-Ha

    from Baha'i Teachings.. If you’ve ever wanted to go to a fun event in your local Baha’i community, try this week—you’ll likely find parties everywhere. Starting on the night of February 25th, 2015, Baha’is around the world will celebrate four days of festivities, gifts, parties, service...
  9. arthra

    Happy Naw-Ruz!

    After sunset March 20th and during March 21st is the Baha'i New Year and this will be the 171th year of the Baha'i Calendar. Baha'is around the world will be observing Naw-Ruz as a Holy Day on which work and school will be suspended. Naw-Ruz also concludes the Nineteen Day period of fasting for...
  10. World Student

    Happy to be here...

    Hello to everyone in the forum, After a lot of internal debate, I've decided to register and post here. I've been a practicing Buddhist for over 15 years, but have recently been struggling with my faith- particularly it's place in my life and the meaning it provides. I feel that I have changed...
  11. Pete in Panama

    Happy 1/2 way everone!

    After today noon we'll be most of the way though. Isn't that easy?
  12. arthra

    Happy Birthday U.N.!

    See if you can find some Baha'i principles in this video...:cool: UN Day 2012 Concert for Peace with Stevie Wonder - YouTube
  13. A

    Happy Thaksgiving Yanks

    May all the American brethren have a wonderful weekend.BTW can anyone tell me where the word Yankie comes from?
  14. ahanu

    Are you happy?

    While reading an article on NPR titled "Measuring Bhutan's Gross National Happiness ... With Balloons," I began thinking about a question Abdu'l-Baha would go around asking people: "Are you happy?" Bhutan is well-known for its political philosophy: Gross National Happiness. This article asks...
  15. S

    Being happy

    Being happy is the most trivial test I have. My insistent self feels unloved and reaches for this world's treasures of attachment. I do not suffer in ways that most people can relate to and with that I feel alone. I blame myself for my parents addictions. I blame myself for so many other things...
  16. arthra

    Happy Naw-Ruz..168 Baha'i Era!

    Happy Naw-Ruz! March 21st Baha'i New Year -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On March 21 Baha'is celebrate the beginning of a new year. Called Naw-Ruz, which means "new day" in Persian, it is one of nine Baha'i holy days on which Baha'is suspend...
  17. arthra

    Happy and Merry Intercalary...

    Baha'is celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha and prepare for annual fast SOLANO, Philippines 25 February 2008 (BWNS) Baha'i children love Ayyam-i-Ha because it's a special period of the year devoted to charity, hospitality, social events, and the giving of gifts. Because of the leap year, they have an extra...
  18. Jafar

    Happy World Philosophy Day!

    link The objective of this Day is to encourage the peoples of the world to share between them their philosophical heritage and to open their daily reflections to new ideas, as well as to inspire a public debate between intellectuals and civil society on the challenges to which our societies are...