1. T

    Private Dowding: A description of hell

    Private Dowding is the personal story of a soldier killed in battle in WWI who allegedly "channeled" to Wellesley Tudor Pole from the afterlife. Although the book is not part of the ”authoritative” Baha’i Writings, I think its depiction of the spiritual world aligns with the Baha’i Writings...
  2. Y

    Nature vs Nurture .. Hell is Injust?

    I am seeing teens who have gone through the Bahá'í childrens classes and JY spiritual empowerment program and brought up in kind households. These teens are extremely good, nice humans. Now my question is somebody like Hitler or Nasir Din Shah if they had the same upbringing would they have...
  3. T

    Hell for who?

    “Say: He ordaineth as He pleaseth, by virtue of His sovereignty, and doeth whatsoever He willeth at His own behest. He shall not be asked of the things it pleaseth Him to ordain. He, in truth, is the Unrestrained, the All-Powerful, the All-Wise. They that have disbelieved in God and rebelled...
  4. S

    The Qur'an, Baha'i, and the threat of Hell

    Recently I've been reading the Qur'an. What astonishes me is how much Muhammad focuses on the punishment of hell. If there is a single chapter that doesn't warn of punishment for unbelievers, I seem to have missed it. Maybe there are later chapters that do not contain such warnings, and I just...
  5. S

    Hell according to Budhism -- Wang Saen Suk

    More pictures: Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden | Unusual Places
  6. gnat

    Hell Fire

    "They hasten forward to Hell Fire, and mistake it for light." Oh, I just love that quote from this year's Rizván Message. with infernal greetings from gnat
  7. J

    Demonizing the Other - The Torments of Hell

    by David Langness "Think ye of love and good fellowship as the delights of heaven, think ye of hostility and hatred as the torments of hell." – Abdu’l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha, p. 244. For millennia, people have organized themselves into exclusive units, called tribes...
  8. D

    The gates of Hell have opened wide

    There is no haven for thee in this Day, O ungodly doubter! Bahá'í Reference Library - The Summons of the Lord of Hosts, Pages 177-183 Lawh-i-Fu’ád 176 177 He is the Most Holy, the Most Glorious! 1 Káf. Zá’. 1 We call unto thee from beyond the sea of grandeur, upon the crimson land, above...
  9. L

    Where is paradise, and where is hell?

    I just love the challenge, response, challenge, response, challenge, response of the two voices here. It is so poetic and powerful. It reminds me of the Fire Tablet, which I also especially love. . . "Among them are those who have said: ‘Have the verses been sent down?’ Say: ‘Yea, by Him Who...
  10. N

    There is no Hell

    Paul’s usage of the Greek word for body is “soma.” “Soma” is not something external to a man himself, something he has, it is what he is. Indeed, “soma” is the nearest equivalent to our word personality. To believe in the resurrection of the “soma,” means to believe that my human self, the human...
  11. M

    I believe that hell can be "another world"

    I believe that hell can be "another world" I know the bab talks about gods wrath and different things.. But this is my personal belief.. I believe that paradise/heaven is another world.. and so forth.. does anybody believe these sort of lines.. Because I believe that if a man commits...
  12. EternalStudent

    My mom's afraid I'm going to Hell...

    My family is Christian. They have been for generations. So, when I told my mother I wanted to be Baha'i, she freaked. She thought I was rejecting Jesus so I could follow Baha'u'llah. I tried explaining that the Baha'i Faith DOES teach that Jesus is the Messiah, and that He died for our sins, but...
  13. A

    Hell is Nawsoot (our realm/dimension)

    Baha'u'llah wrote: "O servants! This nether world is the abode of demons: Guard yourselves from approaching them. By demons is meant those wayward souls who, with the burden of their evil deeds, slumber in the chambers of oblivion. Their sleep is preferable to their wakefulness, and their...
  14. charmer

    Muhammed(saw) stated heaven and hell exists

    In the name of GOD almighty.... I understand bahaii respects prophet of islaam Muhammed(saw).now my question is how come bahai reject concept of actual heaven and hell(i am not talking about near or far away of god) which is described by Muhammed(saw). Muhammed(saw) was taken in heaven by...
  15. charmer

    hell and heaven

    In the name of GOD all mighty.... Please explain me the concept of hell and heaven according to bahaism.
  16. S

    Heaven and Hell in the Baha'i faith

    I am wondering: do people of the Baha'i faith believe in a spirit living on after death and going to heaven, hell or any other place? Please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  17. arthra

    Eternity in hell?

    Room for doubt of the "eternity of hell": Many of my Christian friends believe in the eternity of hell. One friend wrote the following comment on a thread: "Yet it is these very teachings (of Jesus) which condemn all non-Christians to an eternity in hell.." Yeh that's where fear comes in...