1. S

    Baha'i Holidays in the Family

    I'd like to learn how you celebrate Baha'i holidays in the family, if/when you do that. My wife is not Baha'i, but ... "secular Christian-influenced agnostic", perhaps (religion doesn't play a role for her, but she's certainly not opposed to religion). We have decided that we're going to teach...
  2. S

    Holidays and Entertainment

    I am a new Baha'i. I am wondering: Do any Baha'is celebrate holidays such as Christmas? What about holidays like Halloween? Do any Baha'is watch scary movies, or movies featuring vampires?
  3. Livindesert

    Non Baha'i Holidays

    O.k. so with Christmas and New Year's comming up I decided to read a bit about non Baha'i holidays. Now most Baha'is I know celebrate Christmas(the secular version of it anyways) so I read up on some quotes from Shoghi Effendi and found this. Now do you think he is refering to the religious...
  4. Jafar

    Baha'is during the Holidays

    What do you say to your friends during the holiday season? Does your family celebrate Christmas even though they are Baha'is? My Grandma still celebrates Christmas though she is a Baha'is, although she is pretty much first generation. My mom quit celebrating Christmas but now celebrates the...
  5. Jafar

    What do you do to celebrate Baha'i Holidays?

    Just curious how every celebrates Baha'i Holidays, especially like Ayyam-i-ha, but not limited to that. what are some cool things you do while fasting, etc?