1. T

    Is the Bahai Faith the first religion meant for the whole of humanity?

    I have been learning about the Bahai Faith and have read that humanity is like a student and religions are like different grades in school and as the student (humanity) matures we are ready for new rules and teachings. Does that mean that every previous religion was meant for everyone? I can't...
  2. tonyfish58

    Disunity a great burden for Humanity

    May I suggest that the Following two Pilgrim notes contain notes from Table Talks given by Shoghi Effendi that give much for us to think about. As we know the Status of these notes, they are good only to help with thought patterns and we are not to dwell on the contents as "Scripture". This...
  3. Romane

    Could humanity survive without religion?

    Most dear friends There is a current article at One Country in which a Rabbi asks this very question. This article is a review of the book which he has written. Could humanity survive without religion? | One Country A most interesting read, and am certain that it will bring quite a number pof...
  4. WanRod

    Is humanity really changing?

    I really like to talk about my doubts on the Baha'i faith with you in this forum, I usually find interesting interpretations and answers! So this time I'd like to talk about humanity. In the Baha'i Faith, we find the concept of "progressive revelation". Humanity, in the Baha'i view, changes and...
  5. A

    The one veil that holds humanity back

    The one veil that holds humanity back from breaking the barrier and taking the next step in it's spiritual growth is hanging oh so steadfastly to 'names' rather than the meaning and the point of everything. Rather than being steadfast in their love for God and His great Cause, they remain...
  6. N

    Is there a Bahá'í equivalent to Habitat for Humanity?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a Bahá'í equivalent to Habitat for Humanity? And if so, please provide some links! :) Habitat for Humanity Canada | Affordable Housing
  7. Jafar

    The Biggest Problem Facing Humanity Presently?

    This may be a contentious topic, but I wonder what people think is the most relevant problem today. Not so much in a esoteric spiritual sense, or a religious sense, but in a practical principled sense. For instance, do we think that lack of education is the main problem, why, and what kind of...