1. Babism

    How to pay huququllah

    I have serious question - how to pay for huququllah?
  2. Walrus

    Huqúqu'lláh Question

    So reading the Kitab-i-Aqdas I came accross the following where the Huqúqu'lláh is proscribed. So this is where the payment of 19% comes from. From the precise wording here, however, it almost seems to me like it is saying that one pays Huqúqu'lláh only after acquiring 100 mithqáls of gold...
  3. Thomas

    North America What does Huqúqu'lláh mean to you?

    I have been making contributions to the Baha'i Fund on a regular basis, but I have never contributed to Huqúqu'lláh. I think that's because I have not grasped the meaning of the Huququ'llah yet. What does Huqúqu'lláh mean to you? :)
  4. N

    huququ'llah is a new law?

    Is it true the founders of bahai had nothing to do with huququ'llah?(a law that say Baha'is must give money to the religion)