1. T

    God vs. Self: How important is personal happiness?

    How important is personal happiness? What I am referring to is having material possessions, engaging in recreational activities that are fun, and engaging in activities that are physically pleasurable, oft referred to as the things of the flesh. One can look at this from a psychological...
  2. Y

    Important - Incorrect information on wikipedia

    This is the email I sent some friends and the UHJ secreteriat, if anybody can change this please do .. The Wikipedia page of The Bab has incorrect information, and the reference for it is a book which attacks the founders of the Baha'i faith repeatedly. The Wikipedia page of The Bab says 'In...
  3. Y

    Important question on lies

    I understand lying is forbidden. I have heard from a Baha'i if I enter Iran and I am a Baha'i and I get asked if I am a Baha'i I must say yes as lying is forbidden .. Now what if your intentions are really clean and clear but a lie is said is it still forbidden as the bhagvad Gita is based on...
  4. GoaForce

    Important questions

    Hello. I need to know : 1_Where in his Writings does the Bab say that he is the Mahdi ? 2_Where in his Writings does Baha'u'llah say that he is the return of Jesus ? 3_Where in his Writings does Baha'u'llah say that the Bab is the Mahdi ? I will accept no other responses than quotations from...
  5. N

    Important decisions in life

    What is your opinion on: "Religion, traditions or personal beliefs doesn't give us the right and aren't an excusefor imposing our will on others or for our actions."
  6. M

    What is more important: religion or love?

    I offer this question up as a subject for discussion. I am not in any way claiming that there is an incompatibility between the two. I'm just hoping to generate some interesting comments that might expand my own understanding and life...
  7. cire perdue

    Are scholars and academicians as important as they used to be?

    THE UNIVERSAL HOUSE OF JUSTICE BAHA'I WORLD CENTRE Department of the secretariat 21 January 1993 Dear Baha'i Friend, Your letters of 17 and 23 December have been received at the Baha'i World Centre, and we are to provide the following response. Although it appreciates your desire to make the...
  8. cire perdue

    An IMPORTANT warning with instruction

    A Baha'i scholar with whom I discussed this Forum this past weekend instructed me that while we may need to have some knowledge about these attackers, we should NOT engage them. She has had a message from the Universal House of Justice not to engage them, because contact with them is...
  9. B

    Very Important Question, Need Response Urgently

    I became Baha'i not too long ago. Before I was Baha'i, I was Muslim. While I was Muslim I entered into nikah mutah (temporary marriage, the contract was for 45 years) with a person with the intention of entering into a permanent marriage when the finances were there. This relationship has...