1. gnat

    I wish you all an inspiring fast!

    The time of the fast is here again. Therefore, I wish you all a fruitful and inspiring fast. gnat
  2. LordOfGoblins

    awsome inspiring vidoes (short) not necessarily Bahai related...

    Skyrim - Official Movie Trailer 2013 - YouTube
  3. LordOfGoblins

    Inspiring music not necessarily Bahai related

    Please post anything that you like here... I will start with this.. Final Fantasy VII OST - Let the Battles Begin! - YouTube :cool:
  4. I

    A Request: Most Inspiring Teachings and Prayers

    Dear All, I want to really switch gears for a while from trying to think through all the implications of different views on the resurrection of Christ. That question, while it has religious implications, is entirely intellectual. I have a tendency to over-intellectualize spiritual things--a...
  5. bwb

    4 beautiful inspiring stories of religious tolerance from Baha'i history

    Here are 4 beautiful, inspiring stories of religious tolerance from Baha'i history, quoted from "Fire on the Mountain Top" by Gloria Faizi. In the first story, a Zoroastrian is amazed to be treated kindly by a Muslim clergyman who had become a Baha'i. In the second story, the kindness and...