1. B

    Catholic Interested in the Faith

    Hello everyone. My wife and I are baptized, practicing Catholics. A few months ago, I read The Seven Valleys. It contains the finest, most beautiful meditations on God that I have ever read. That lead me to The Hidden Words. I am currently reading Gleanings from the Writings of...
  2. A

    gay married couple interested in Baha'i Faith

    I need to know this: A legally married gay couple is interested in becoming a Baha'i. Would they have to split up and get a divorce?
  3. BlinkeyBill

    For Baha'is interested in understanding Christianity.

    I would like to draw to everyones attention a most interesting thread in the Planet Baha'i forum, under General discussion, An Orthodox Christian Perspective, by Superduck '05 (Raistlin 43) He has come into that forum in a most kind and generous manner, to explain his churches belief, so as to...
  4. NextElement

    Interested in the Baha'i Faith

    Hello all, I'm a new user, and I've been experiencing a bit of spiritual confusion in my life for the past few months. Most of my life (I'm 18), I was raised Catholic and my family is still a devout Catholic family. However, I've started investigating other faiths and found that I agreed (or...
  5. M

    Interested seeker from Maryland/DC

    Hello, just introducing myself. I am a Christian, who has not, in apparently 40 years, come to a complete understanding of which scriptures are right, or are amended or superceded, etc. I respect a LOT about Islam (moral code) and obviously, Christianity. I linked to and discovered Bahai...