1. T

    Interfaith Understanding and Tolerance

    I have a question about interfaith dialogue. Would you say that it is a positive thing for different religions to stand together in defense of good values? In your opinion, would it be a positive experience for people of different faiths to gather together and learn about needs of their area...
  2. sweetcakes

    Interfaith relationship, long distance and parents?

    Hello all! :) As some of you know, Alexander ( EnternalStudent9 ) is my boyfriend. I'm interested in Baha'i, however, I am not one. My heart and mind is pure science. He doesn't have a problem with it, as long as I am respectful of his religion and him as a person, he doesn't care. We do...
  3. SoldierofAllah97

    Interfaith relationship: Bahai and catholic.

    Is it considered a violation of the Aqdas to engage in fornifcation (zina) if you intend to marry? Tolerant and polite responses please.
  4. SmilingSkeptic

    Come, let us reason together

    Hi everyone! My name is SmilingSkeptic and I've been a bit of a lurker on these forums before, reading up on some interesting topics. A while ago I met a wonderful Baha'i woman who I am now in a relationship with who introduced me to the Baha'i Faith. I was raised Christian and was seeker for a...
  5. M

    Interfaith Marriage between a Baha'i and an Atheist

    Hello, this is my first post to this forum, and I am after the thoughts and guidance of the wider Baha'i community on the issue of interfaith and cross-cultural marriage. I am very interested to hear your experiences, both good and bad. I would first like to disclose that I am an atheist, and...
  6. Y

    What is your view of interfaith marriage as a Baha'i?

    I am curious to know how you look at interfaith marriage as a Baha'i? Have/would you marry a non-Baha'i? What is the pros and cons of it? Why/why not there is an issue in it? What is your advices on this topic? Merci!
  7. BlinkeyBill


    Our dear Host reminded me of this most important issue, Working for interfaith Unity. I would like people to give their thoughts and idea's.
  8. A

    Interfaith Relationship: Jew dating a Baha'i

    Hi, I have a question as a non-Baha'i. I'm Jewish and in a relationship with a Baha'i, but my religion frowns upon interfaith relationships. I am perfectly okay with the fact that he's Baha'i - in fact, I feel more connected to my Judaism than I have with an Jew. And I feel more spiritually...
  9. D

    California: Diverse Participation in 18th annual Upland Interfaith Prayer Breakfast

    California: Diverse Participation in 18th annual Upland Interfaith Prayer Breakfast 'The event, as in past years, was held from 7:00 am to 8:00 am at the Upland Fire Station at Arrow Hwy and 2nd Ave. The yearly prayer breakfast is sponsored by the Upland Interfaith Council, the City of Upland...
  10. D

    Interfaith discussion aims to build bridges

    "Experts in Judaism, Christianity and Islam recently discussed the similarities and differences among their religions during an interfaith panel at UC Irvine... ...Qasim Rashid, an attorney, author and spokesman for the Islamic group Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, spoke about the importance of...
  11. D

    Australia Inter-faith service for the International Day of Peace, Sat 28 Sept 7:30pm

    Special evening inter-faith service for the International Day of Peace, Saturday 28 September 7:30 pm at the Sydney Baha'i Temple: The service will feature readings from the sacred scriptures of the world's religions read by representatives of Sydney's major faith communities. It will also...
  12. L

    Interfaith prayer circle

    I am going to set up an interfaith internet prayer circle for my work with suicidal teens and adults. Anyone who wishes to participate of any belief is welcome to participate. It will be an online email list and I will occasionally send a person's name (first name only) and sometimes a bit of...
  13. arthra

    Baha'i reading at the Interfaith service

    John and Margo Woodall (Bahá’ís from Newtown, CT) read a passage from Abdu’l-Baha at the memorial service Sunday (December 16th) night, which was nationally televised on CNN. The entire memorial service is available from c-span: President Obama at Newtown, Connecticut Prayer Vigil - C-SPAN Video...
  14. T

    Interfaith Marriage with a Lutheran

    Hello all! I am writing in regards to something that has been brought up in my relationship. Marriage has been discussed between my boyfriend and I, but him being a non-baha'i he is having a difficult time accepting some of the things we practice in the baha'i faith. One of which being the fact...
  15. ruby

    Interfaith marriage and parenting

    I have no religious belief, though I consider myself spiritual. I am soon to marry my partner who is Baha'i. We have discussed and agree any children we have, will be raised to respect our difference of beliefs and learn about both. The child will not be Baha'i or any other faith.. as we will...
  16. N

    Interfaith relationships

    Hi everyone. I have a two-part question about interfaith relationships and/or marriages and your thoughts on the subject. I recently met a girl who is not religious, instead, more spiritual in nature (she believes in love, kindness, and the heart) last night we had a short discussion about my...
  17. Y

    Horizon of the Unseen (Excellent Baha'i Interfaith compilation)

    Horizon of the unseen: visual ... - Corinne Randall - Google Books Horizon of the Unseen Visual Reflections on Spiritual Themes "...Horizon of the Unseen is an uplifting compilation of writings taken from a wide spectrum of religious and cultural traditions presented alongside illustrations...
  18. Y

    The Beauty of the Divine - crossing interfaith boundaries

    "Saint John of the Cross speaks of God in many ways. Most basic is God as eternal, infinite Being. Present in the simplicity of God's unique, changeless being are innumerable attributes such as infinite beauty, infinite wisdom, infinite goodness, and infinite light. By contrast with the infinite...
  19. S

    Interfaith Explorer

    I already have Ocean, does interfaith explorer have anything extra that will help out? Or is ocean just fine?
  20. daniel

    Interfaith Relations

    Baha’is believe that religion has a crucial role to play in building a peaceful world and resolving conflict. Since the mid-1800s, Baha'is have been active in promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding. Baha’i teachings state that all the world’s principal religions are valid and...