1. Y

    Internet lies or truth?

    I came across a site saying abdul baha resorted to violence on occasions but him being the perfect exemplar I dont know what to make of it .. Hope someone can help and clear my juggled mind .. one quotation on the website is One day in the birúní[outer section] of the blessed House of Haifa...
  2. E

    Allah'u'Abha World

    Hello everyone, I'm a 30yr young Baha'i who is passionate about technology and in particular the use of modern technology for a Baha'i related purpose. I believe the Internet is a manifestation of a new spirit in the World and I just discovered this website while I was wondering how can I seek...
  3. ahanu

    Irreligion on the rise with the internet

    In the article We're putting an end to religion, the author gives a few reasons why irreligion is on the rise in America: the choices of the Christian right, the sex scandals in the Catholic church, religions and their stance against homosexuality, the rise of working women, and the internet...
  4. L

    Internet: Most Great Claim of Baha

    'he who speaks in the most great prison (i.e. Acre) is the Creator of all things and the one who brought all names into being' 'verily, I am God' 'the essence of the pre-existent (dhat al-qidam) has appeared' 'he has been born who begets not nor is begotten' 'the educator of all...
  5. tonyfish58

    Guidelines for Internet Discussion

    Dear friends - This document is worth a read - Site full of resources re the Net & Usage - Baha Extract from the first link; Discussion Forums 1. Each forum has a slightly different culture and usually some sort of terms...
  6. D

    Report: Internet Freedom Declining

    (For picture see "read more" link below) "Young Iranians play at a game net arcade decorated with carpets with portraits of the late founder of Islamic republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and an Islamic religious portrait, in the city of Qom. Freedom...
  7. J

    Attacks on the Faith in Internet discussions

    I'll be posting a list of ideas I've compiled from writings of the House of Justice, about responding to attacks on the Faith in Internet discussions. For now, I just want to point out two things I see it explicitly advising us *not* to do: - Do *not* debate with people you see attacking the...
  8. J

    Internet framework scouting mission

    I'm looking for collaborators for a scouting mission for the community: Projecting the framework for action into the virtual world of the Internet. I'll do it by myself if I have to, but it would be nice to have some company.
  9. J

    Responding to gay Baha'i in Internet discussions

    Responding to gay Baha'is in Internet discussions PLEASE NOTE: 1. If you have not studied all the guidance you can find in Baha'i writings, about how to conduct yourself in Internet discussions, and made systematic and sustained efforts to put it into practice, then posting anything here at...
  10. Pollwr


    Being new to blogging, and experiencing indecision as to what focus to have, I have decided to ramble on about whatever is on my mind and see how it goes. Well, when I say whatever is on my mind I am not talking about everything. Some things I do not wish to share with the internet. My first...