1. joey473

    Bahai Interpretation: Of Jesus Christ as Son of God

    What is the Baha'i interpretation of Jesus Christ as Son of God:confused:
  2. D

    Interpretation of Hidden Words #69, (Treasury of Pearls)

    O YE SONS OF SPIRIT! Ye are My treasury, for in you I have treasured the pearls of My mysteries and the gems of My knowledge. Guard them from the strangers amidst My servants and from the ungodly amongst My people. - Hidden Words, #69 Who are the strangers amidst His servants, and how are they...
  3. N

    Baha'i Interpretation of Acts 1:11

    Got into an informative discussion with my family about Baha'i Faith over the holiday nothing hostile or anything just a cool discussion discussing what it's about, what it is, etc... My Uncle brought up Acts 1:11 “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This...
  4. cire perdue

    Spiritual interpretation vs literal

    In the 1980's a great deal of Baha'i Christian literature became available. I had not been terribly concerned, b/c I was an initiate of Swami Stachitananda when I became a Baha'i. However to reaccept Christ after the rejection of my Christian roots helped bring me into the Faith. Finally hearing...