1. Babism

    31 March 2018 - Jesus Christ will come in rapture

    Rapture is nearby
  2. joey473

    Was Jesus' death on the cross a sin offering or Not?

    What is the official Baha'i interpretation of Jesus' death on the cross? I was curious about Baha'is theology about this. Can someone please explain this to me:confused:
  3. joey473

    Bahai Interpretation: Of Jesus Christ as Son of God

    What is the Baha'i interpretation of Jesus Christ as Son of God:confused:
  4. joey473

    Was Judas Iscariot Crucified Instead of Jesus?

    Muslims believe that Judas Iscariot was crucified instead of Jesus Christ. What do Baha'is believe on this topic?:idea:
  5. S

    Jesus's Death

    I have been reading the arguments presented by Ahmadiyya Islam as of late. I must say I have been convinced that Jesus survived the crucifixion, and did not die until he was old. To me, this makes things like Mormonism seem much more plausible, and maybe it's the more esoteric side of me, but...
  6. Y

    Why is Bahaullah linked with Jesus is return

    Why Jesus? Why does Islam say Jesus will return if Bahaullah says all manifestion of God are same. Why is Jesus represented as the return?
  7. J

    Hi, I would like to tell you about Jesus Christ, the only way to God

    Hi guys. I don't know where to post this, but the Lord has been laying it on my heart for the past few days to tell people about Jesus. This burden is so strong that I have felt sick and very desperate to reach out to others and tell them about Jesus. I asked my Pastor if there were any...
  8. camachoe

    Is the virginal conception of Jesus also a metaphor?

    Baha'u'llah and Abdul Baha have made it clear that some events described in the Gospels about the life of JesusChrist are spiritual in nature and should not be interpreted as literal, as some Christians have done in the past, bringing irrationality (superstition) to religion. For example...
  9. Walrus

    Similarities between the Bab and Jesus

    So as I believe in the Unity of Religion, I do wander around my neighborhood and attend the services of other groups from time to time to see what can be learned from them. So following this practice I was at a Methodist Church service, and heard a sermon about John 1:35-42. In that bible...
  10. ahanu

    Jesus in Esoteric Islam

    There's a scholar named Khalil Andani with informative Isma'ili viewpoints of Jesus online. Just thought I would share it with you guys.
  11. B

    Why do Baha'is believe in Jesus's virgin birth but not his resurrection?

    Baha'is believe Jesus was literally conceived immaculately, according to Shoghi Effendi. But when it comes to Christ's resurrection, Bahai's believe Christ's resurrection was only symbolic. The Bible seems very literal in it's account of Christ's resurrection. Why should one believe...
  12. ahanu

    Was Jesus literate and educated?

    Sojourner wrote in another thread: Before I begin, note I'm not taking sides. I'm just listing what notable scholars in this area are saying about this. Sources that show another perspective. In response to Jesus reading in the synagogue, see John Meier's A Marginal Jew: "Anyone who...
  13. S

    Jesus resurrection

    The Bible is pretty clear on that subject. Jesus died on the cross, they put him into a tomb, the tomb was empty after 3 days, then He appeared people and ate a fish. But most Bahais believe, that all of this happened, until the empty tomb, which was a symbol and also, that He appeared to his...
  14. E

    Delusions of the Coming Messiah[/IMG] Above is a link of a flag incorporating images that have been coming to me over the last three weeks. I don't know if all of this even means anything or if I’m just some poor crazy woman spiraling into...
  15. A

    Jesus' descendants ?

    Do you feel it probable or not that Lord Jesus, peace be upon Him, has physical descendants? If so, is there any significance to this? For myself, I feel it probable that He does have descendants, however they'd be insignificant now.
  16. D

    Jesus Resurrected by reciting Greatest Name

    Poem of Shaykh Bahai, 1622AD The great Prophets performed miracles through knowledge and recitation of the Mightiest Name. Noah, Jethro, Amram-`Imrān, Moses, Jesus and others are counted among these initiates by Shaykh Bahā'ī. در رمو&#1586...
  17. D

    It's Time to Challenge the historicity of Jesus

    I am sorry I deleted this it is not very kind and hurts peoples hearts
  18. D

    Jesus is the friend of Moses

    Jesus is the friend of Moses From page 97 onwards Abdul-Baha explains why Jesus is the friend of Moses; Bahá'í Reference Library - Foundations of World Unity, Pages 92-99
  19. D

    Why Jesus is not the Messiah of the Jews

    Why Jesus could not be the Messiah of the Old Testament
  20. D

    Jesus the Zealot