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    A Menders Path: A Journal on Progressive Revelation

    Greetings, all! I will not say much. The text speaks for itself. I am worried in sharing this with you, because people may see my views as unorthodox, and my journal may be incomprehensible or nonsensical sounding. But this is a piece I wrote recently, about my quest to learn of all of the...
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    Journal Entry Turned Plea for Help: Prayers Needed

    Hi all :) I don't post very often, but I do read a lot, and tend to stay offline as much as possible. I've had a long history of family issues, and it's honestly becoming too much to bear. So I decided to get my thoughts down on paper, and while writing, I thought I would share it with...
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    Centrum : a New journal on eastern studies,ethics and culture

    Dear friends Centrum is not merely a journal, it is a beginning of a movement – a movement which has a purpose, depth, consistency and permanence. It is a journal for and from the citizens of the Eastern world whose very basis of existence is based on Faith. Today, this civilization which has...