1. K

    Writing to the Universal House of Justice

    Does anybody know how I can write to the Universal House of Justice when I want to ask for its guidance? Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  2. D

    Relative Fallibility of The Guardian and the Universal House of Justice

    What is the relative fallibility of the Universal House of Justice and Shoghi Effendi? In other words, does the House have the necessary potency of authority to modify interpretations made by Shoghi Effendi?
  3. camachoe

    Will the Universal House of Justice become a civil government agency?

    While reading the comments on the Kitáb-o-Aqdas, I found the following: 70. Exile and imprisonment are decreed for the thief Bahá’u’lláh states that the determination of the degree of penalty, in accordance with the seriousness of the offense, rests with the House of Justice (Q&A 49). The...
  4. Sen McGlinn

    House of Justice letter on international and home-front pioneering

    The Universal House of Justice has released a letter on the role of international and home-front pioneering in the 5-year Plan that has just begun. It begins by saying, “it is our hope that the friends will continue to consider entering the international arena, whenever their circumstances...
  5. A

    Contacting the Universal House of Justice

    Firstly, I would like to the way with which I can contact the Universal House of Justice. Is there an email address or anything that could be of use? Are there any rules that I need to know before contacting the Universal House of Justice? Secondly, in a situation where I am looking for some...
  6. tonyfish58

    Universal House of Justice Message March 26 2016

    The Message of the Universal House of Justice dated 26th march 2016 is one of much importance and is a wonderful message of inspiration. 100 years anniversery of the First Words put to paper on the Tablets of the Divine Plan inspired this message, full of Love full of Hope full of encouragent...
  7. N

    compassion justice trumps hate speech

    Maybe the human race is getting there. I'm seeing a politician using his considerable wealth and influence to deliver shocking ideas, racist and religiously prejudicial stuff that should have been buried in fascist leader's graves long ago with their rotting brain matter, used to lure a...
  8. Clex19

    May the Universal House of Justice change its statement about what's in the Writings?

    If the Universal House of Justice states that the Writings say something, can that statement be changed? I can see from the perspective that the Supreme Body's understanding of what is in the Writings might change over time, particularly if some tablets are newly authenticated. The Universal...
  9. J

    Universal House of Justice letter to the Baha'is of Iran

    [AUTHORIZED TRANSLATION FROM PERSIAN] 1 October 2014 To the Bahá’ís of Iran Papua New Guinea comprises a group of islands in the vast expanse of the waters of the Pacific, far, far away from the Cradle of the Faith. We recently learned that your sacrifices have so inspired the believers in...
  10. J

    The House of Justice does not interpret

    "From these statements it is made indubitably clear and evident that the Guardian of the Faith has been made the Interpreter of the Word and that the Universal House of Justice has been invested with the function of legislating on matters not expressly revealed in the teachings. The...
  11. J

    A panorama painted by the House of Justice

    In another thread, I invited someone to study and ponder the first paragraph of the 2008 Ridvan message. Here it is:
  12. R

    Consumerism and Justice

    I once read a book that had a big impact on my spiritual growth. It was called Affluenza and it was a critique on American Materialism. Two of the most memorable facts the book presented were the change in home sizes in the USA over time and the number of planets we would need if everyone on...
  13. M

    Universal House of Justice announces celebration of the "twin festivals" in 2015!

    Universal House of Justice announces celebration of the "twin festivals" in 2015! This thread didn't get indexed in the front page. I'm posting a link so it gets indexed and gets the discussion it deserves...
  14. D


    "O people of God! That which traineth the world is Justice, for it is upheld by two pillars, reward and punishment. These two pillars are the sources of life to the world"~Baha'u'llah
  15. L

    What the Universal House of Justice can and cannot do

    The Universal House of Justice and Ruhi I have heard a lot of complaints from a certain segment of the online Baha'i community about the direction of the Universal House of Justice. Principally, these complaints are that they don't like the "direction" that the House is providing for the...
  16. Sen McGlinn

    Naw Ruz greetings from the Universal House of Justice

    The Universal House of Justice has sent Naw Ruz greetings to the Bahais living in Iran, and to “all the pure spirits among the people of Iran.” The message compares the spring season to the spiritual spring, brought by the Bab and Baha’u'llah, which promises the collective maturity of the human...
  17. J

    Role of the House of Justice in your life?

    I'm sitting here pondering what to say, and how. This might be more of a message to send to a few people privately, but I'm not sure who, and it might mean something to some other people besides the ones I would choose, and maybe some I don't even know. I'll write it with one specific person in...
  18. J

    Trusting Baha'u'llah and following the House of Justice

    I would like for all of us to progress continually in our love and trust in God, and in our active devotion to what the House of Justice is promoting. Does anyone have any ideas about how we can use Internet discussions to help each other with that? One possibility I see is to share our ideas...
  19. L

    Trolling on this forum - and justice

    This is my first post. I participate in several online forums, and NOWHERE is the kind of blatant trolling I see from some posters here tolerated. I'm wondering how this community chooses to deal with the issue. Normally, infractions are immediately handed out, including in some cases permanent...
  20. Masroor Bhargava

    Of Ignorance, Education and Justice

    Ignorance is the lack of knowledge and, consequently, the cause of all error. While it is the ignorant that are prone to error and consequent sinfulness, the truly evil ones are those who misuse their knowledge to manipulate the lives of the ignorant for their own selfish interests. They are...