1. C

    I Need Guidance with Relationships

    Hello! I am in a situation that is a little bit uncommon, and have some questions to which the answers could help me. I am not a Baha'i, but I have been exploring the faith and am currently working on Book 1. I have a general understanding of the animal instincts, but still need help. I have...
  2. Rani

    That whole hugging / kissing thing

    Dear Friends, I wonder if I can write this succinctly but still get my message across. I feel really troubled by this entry below in Lights of Guidance, which I must have read two decades ago.: Now, I realise it starts out referencing a Pilgrim's note, however, Shoghi Effendi, through His...
  3. h123

    Prohibition of Kissing hands in the Baha'i faith

    In the Kitab Aqdas Kissing of hands has been strictly prohibited: Bahá'í Reference Library - The Kitáb-i-Aqdas, Page 193 Here is the question: How do Baha'is view someone who kisses others' hands or allows others to kiss his hands, specially religious figures such as:
  4. bwb

    Kissing spreads diseases and should be avoided

    Kissing on the mouth involves a completely unnecessary risk of spreading disease, and shows what a dangerous brain-washing medium television is. 1210. Kissing in Modern Society is Detrimental to Morals "What Bahá'u'lláh means by chastity certainly does not include the kissing that goes on in...