1. Y

    UHJ not following Bahaullah and Abdul bahais adultery law

    UHJ and adultery law Im sure Bahaullah and abdul baha have stated that adultery will nullify the year of patience and the financial support so wondering why the UHJ don't follow what they wrote
  2. D

    How to practise the law of 'reciting the verses of God every morn and eventide'?

    I'm having a hard time understanding what this refers to specifically. "Recite ye the verses of God every morn and eventide. Whoso faileth to recite them hath not been faithful to the Covenant of God and His Testament..." - Baha'u'llah 1. Does this involve both prayer and reading the Writings...
  3. D

    Summary of Exceptions to Baha'i Law for the West?

    I have heard now of at least two doctrines or divine laws which do not currently apply to the people of the West, listed below. Can anyone verify that this is true? If so, what is the origin of them not applying to the present-day West, and are there any other doctrines or laws not applying to...
  4. A

    Federal judge strikes down restrictive abortion law

    A Federal judge in Austin has said that a ruling which forces abortion clinics to have the same building standards as hospitals is unfair as it restricts a woman's right to an abortion
  5. BlinkeyBill

    believers and the law of sacrifice

    The Meaning of Suffering The Mystery of Sacrifice Selections from the Bahá’í Holy Writings Outlined and Compiled by Judith Hatcher D. The believers and the law of sacrifice 1. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, the perfect exemplar Every man trained through the teachings of God and illumined by the light of His...
  6. BlinkeyBill

    Manifestations of God and the law of sacrifice

    A further study of this little free e-book The Meaning of Suffering The Mystery of Sacrifice Selections from the Bahá’í Holy Writings Outlined and Compiled by Judith Hatcher C. The Manifestations of God and the law of sacrifice 1. The Manifestation of God As to those souls who are born into...
  7. M

    Keep thou the law of God

    “Follow not, under any condition, the promptings of thine evil desires. Keep thou the law of God, thy Lord, the Beneficent, the Ancient of Days. Thou shalt most certainly return to dust, and shalt perish like all the things in which thou takest delight.” Excerpt From: Bahá’u’lláh. “The Summons...
  8. BlinkeyBill

    Happiness against the law in Iran

    An Internet video of six young Iranian men and women dancing to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" has led to their arrests, showing how far Tehran will go to halt what it deems to be decadent Western behavior — despite the views of its moderate president. Criticism outside Iran was predictably swift...
  9. tonyfish58

    Law of God has encompassed all men

    I read this in the Tablet of LAWḤ-I-SÍYYID-I-MIHDÍY-I-DAHÁJÍ (Tablet to Siyyid Mihdíy-i-Dahájí) today. It is quite an interesting statement! (Bold added by poster) In such manner hath the Kitáb-i-Aqdas been revealed that it attracteth and embraceth all the divinely appointed Dispensations...
  10. C

    It's No Secret, The Christians Guide to God's Law of Attraction

    It's No Secret, The Christians Guide to God's Law of Attraction There are four basic areas in life that all must remain in balance. Those four areas consist of your Spiritual life, your Physical life, (fitness), your Relational life. And your Financial Life. It is important to realize that we...
  11. N

    Baha'i law: You must pay a portion of your income to Baha'i

    About 100 years after the death of the Baha'i prophet, a new law was enforced; you must give 19% of your income to this organization.
  12. Sycamore

    Baha'i Law and State Law: Parallel Legal Systems

    Alot of us living in secular states where a union between a man and woman does not need to be certified by a religious figure such as a Rabbi, Mullah or Priest. Therefore although a marriage may be permitted by the state between any man and woman it is not recognised by some religions. Given...
  13. N

    huququ'llah is a new law?

    Is it true the founders of bahai had nothing to do with huququ'llah?(a law that say Baha'is must give money to the religion)
  14. EternalStudent

    Does this violate the law on not having images of the Manifestations?

    My mother bought me a t-shirt that has a picture of Jesus crucified on it, and under that it says "Called to Duty" (obviously a play on CoD (Call of Duty)), and a quote from Jesus talking about how "greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." Now, I know we're...
  15. EternalStudent

    Did Baha'u'llah ban magic(k)?

    I practice Chinese Qigong, and Japanese Reiki. Many would consider these to be a form of Life Magic(k). Is there anywhere in the Writings where Baha'is are told not to practice magic(k), even if it is healing magic(k) like Reiki and Qigong? I don't contact spirits when I do my Qigong and Reiki...
  16. X

    Law as External or Internal

    I went to a Christian fellowship meeting today, it was a meeting of the Local Church, which for those who may not have heard of this Church, is an interpretation of Christianity which focuses on the person and the Spirit of Christ. One of the topics discussed was the Law of Moses, but not on...
  17. Sen McGlinn

    Abdu'l-Baha's tablet on religious law and the House of Justice

    I've just posted a translation of this tablet, with some notes. The short link is here
  18. Pollwr

    Laying down the law

    "Think not that We have revealed unto you a mere code of laws. Nay, rather, We have unsealed the choice Wine with the fingers of might and power. To this beareth witness that which the Pen of Revelation hath revealed. Meditate upon this, O men of insight!" (Baha'u'llah, Synopsis and...
  19. arthra

    The real Temple is the very law of God

    Howard Colby Ives quoted Abdul-Baha at the Baha'i Temple Unity Convention on April 30th, 1912 "Among the institutes of the Holy Books is that of the foundation of the Divine Temple. This is conducive to unity and fellowship among men. The real Temple is the very Law of God, for to that all...
  20. arthra

    Obedience to Baha'i law and hardships...

    Maybe a good topic for discussion: Excerpted from the 2007 USA Assembly Manual: Obedience to the laws of Bahá’u’lláh will necessarily impose hardships in individual cases. No one should expect, upon becoming a Bahá’í, that his faith will not be tested, and to our finite understanding of such...