1. Traveller

    Learning to love Baha'u'llah

    Dear all, I have been investigating the Baha'i faith for over a year now, and I find the writings to be beautiful and inspiring, the central principal of progressive revelation makes complete sense to me. And I truly believe that the world would be a better place if we followed the Baha'i...
  2. S

    What's the Point of Learning the Lives of the Prophets?

    Greetings all - I was having a meetup with my interfaith group, when a thought popped into my head. I find I am very interested in the lives of the Manifestations of God, and I always love to hear stories from their lives. But then I thought to myself, "Why? How does this bring me closer to...
  3. H

    Learning Esperanto

    It's my understanding that Abdul Baha promoted the use and spread of Esperanto as auxiliary international language, the adoption of which is a Baha'i commandment. Also, the daughter of Zamenhof, who created Esperanto, converted to the Bahai Faith. So there are cross-relations between the...
  4. gnat

    Learning to Love People

    I think that the Bahá'ís have nothing to learn about loving God. But it is learning to love people that is hard. Look at 'Abdu'l-Bahá: He knew about it. The rest of us just have so much to learn... best from gnat
  5. S

    A Leave of Absence, and More Learning

    Hello my friends. Unfortunately this post will not be as cheery as my others, for a very terrible thing has happened to me. Today I have found out that my beloved apparently has an infection of sorts that is working it's way to her heart, and she may not make it past the start of July. It is...
  6. M

    Learning about Islam

    We have a lovely Muslim, Paul (Niblo) who has generously come here to talk to Baha'is, share and learn. I would love to learn more from Paul about his Islamic beliefs. This thread is for people to ask Paul and/or other Muslims about their beliefs. Please be respectful and do not challenge the...
  7. S

    The people who made Frontiers of Learning

    Hi, Does anyone know who made the Frontiers of Learning film? It was made for the World Centre, but who were the people or what production company made it? I am a film maker myself and would like to get in touch with these people, as I adore their work and want to do something of a similar...
  8. EternalStudent9

    Learning to accept Muslims as a Baha'i.

    I originally wrote this for the Ex-Christian.Net forums, but, since I thought folks over here might enjoy it too, I'm sharing it here as well.
  9. M

    Learning from our Catholic brother Yeshua

    I want to single out our Catholic brother Yeshua. If you read Yeshua's posts, he shares his interpretation of the truths of the Catholic faith in such a beautiful way. He looks for commonalities between the Catholic teaching and Baha'i teaching, he never tries to show how the Catholic beliefs...
  10. BlinkeyBill

    Looking back, and learning from the past

    Much is said here of the sickness of society, also of religions, that allow hate and bigotry etc to flourish. The whole world is the same, no one can only point at the USA or indeed a part of the USA. So have the people changed, have they become more united, this is something for all to read the...
  11. cire perdue

    Frontiers of Learning: DVD

    I watched this DVD prepared for the 11th International Baha'i Convention and it is a humbling and inspiring view of what is going on in the world. The force of the activities and success of the Ruhi Program speaks for itself. I encourage anyone able to watch this to do so though it is about 110...
  12. D

    Learning in Ireland

    Hello All, My name is Drew, I'm 30 and from Dublin Ireland. I've been having a long battle with religon, since childhood. I was raised Christian, and that was going fine. Until I realised, why am I saved and a child say from India who is hindu not? This lead me to doubt Christianity being the...
  13. T

    Frontiers of Learning

    This is movie length but so worth a watch! Frontiers of Learning If we could do this throughout the world it would be a different place in a very short period of time. Building Capacity now a great catch Fraze :cool: Animators another :happy: These people doing wonderful things and I...
  14. S

    learning about Baha'i

    I am beginning my study of Baha'i and really enjoying what I have learned. It will be quite a while before I decide to become Baha'i or not but so far this is really clicking with me.
  15. N

    Reading list for the learning disabled.

    In the past week I have read almost no stop, everything I can get ahold of. I have been reading aloud to my wife at the same time because she has some problems with her reading comprehension and helping her as much as I'm able. She really wants to learn all she can but would like to do it on her...
  16. M

    Learning Experanto

    Learning Esperanto Hello! I'm really new to this forum, so bear with me. I ran into a video on youtube about esperanto, which got me to thinking. I've heard about it for years, never knew anyone who had learned it, and always thought it was a great idea which never took off. Until I started...
  17. arthra

    New frontiers of learning about peace...

    Exploring new frontiers of learning about peace Exploring new frontiers of learning about peace - Bahá'í World News Service COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, United States, 6 December 2012, (BWNS) – The new incumbent of the Baha'i Chair for World Peace has been describing aspects of the program's future...
  18. RonPrice

    The New Baha'i Paradigm: 1996-2016

    Part 1: The building of the structure of this new world Faith, a structure with many functions, was at the core of Bahai programs and policies, goals and game-plans, so to speak, from 1921 to 1996, a period of 75 years, as well as back the preceding years as far back as the last decades of the...
  19. RonPrice

    The Grand Tour with Kevin McLeod

    After watching The Grand Tour with Kevin McLeod(1), British designer, writer and TV presenter in this episode of a 4 part series, I could not help but reflect on another type of grand tour. Kevin seeks out the inspiration for this part of the historic Grand Tour behind Christopher Wren's design...
  20. RonPrice

    New Baha'i Culture/Paradigm of Learning & Growth

    I posted an introduction to the paradigmatic shift in the Baha’i community, the new culture of learning and growth that is at the heart of this paradigm, six years ago. I did this posting at several internet sites and have revised that post many times over the years, as developments in the...