1. Babism

    Nazarethan Baha'i early literature

    The earliest book of nazarethan/nazarite baha'i - title "Words of I am that I am" from 2010 "I am that I am" is name of God in Bible I'm not reject Baha'u'llah , why bahais think i preach falsehood ? Paweł Sz.
  2. Y

    Bahá'í literature In Urdu needed [help please]

    I need the Kitab I Iqan in Urdu hard copy and any other material please help this is for someone intrigued by the faith but can only understand Urdu thanks
  3. L

    Baha'i and fiction literature

    In the Kitab-i-Aqdas, it says we are only permitted those books of science that we may profit from. In other parts of the scriptures, however, it says that human creativity is a form of worship, since we are resembling one of Gods attributes in our own creation. This confuses me slightly on the...