1. M

    How can I contact the NSA or LSA Please

    I cant find the contact information to the NSA for the life of me. I want to withdrawl from the faith and I cannot find the contact information, did they do this on purpuse..? If someone can kindly please give me the contact information to the NSA or LSA I would appriciate it. Cheers
  2. A

    Resent terrorist attacks in Volgograd (You may send letters of support to LSA)

    If you want to send a letter of support to Local Spiritual Assembly of Volgograd here are two emails: [email protected] and [email protected] I’m personally not from that area so don’t ask me anything about resent bombing there I know as much as you do. I took emails from the official Russian Baha’i...
  3. U

    Question regarding marriage and LSA rep

    Hello, Next year my girlfriend and I will be looking to get married. The venue is going to be in the town where her parents live which is about 4 hours up the road from the city me and her live in. I don't know any of the Bahai community if at all there exists one in the parents' town, but I'm...
  4. D

    Serving LSA members getting a divorce

    Hi All, Is there any guidance regarding what should happen if a serving LSA member requires a separation/divorce? Obviously the divorcing couple needs to refer to the LSA and there would be a conflict of interest if one or both of the couple also serve on the LSA. I've heard on the grapevine...
  5. B

    NDF Order?

    Dear friends, I am wondering if their are any writings that suggests that the order in an NDF should begin with prayers, followed by administrative/consultation and conclude with the social part? AT our local NDF a suggestion was bought forward to begin with prayers and writings, followed by...
  6. Livindesert

    LSA Duty

    Wow I just was told I was voted on to the LSA. It came as a bit of a shock to me as I have not even offically been a Baha'i a year yet. I guess I have made a good impression :D I am a bit nervous but guess I will just have to keep on studying the scriptures and try to be the best Baha'i i can be.