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    Gabriel Magdalene on Earth

    Through the blessing of Ba'hai, enjoy the spread of the messages from what outwardly falls into your being.
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    Mary Magdalene in Rome: Abdu'l-Baha

    Abdu'l-Baha once said that Mary Magdalene travelled to Rome and preached before the Emperor Tiberius, something unheard of from a woman of her time, Jewish or Roman. Given that we have so few sources from this early era of the Roman Empire, and those we have such as Tacitus are fragmentary with...
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    Mary Magdalene and the Baha'i Faith

    I cannot believe how highly revered Mary Magdalene is in the Baha'i Faith. Abdul-Baha made more references to her than any other woman in history, indeed she is his most oft-quoted disciple of Christ. The amount of Baha'i scripture and devotional references to her - one even reputedly by...