1. W

    mental health in the bahai faith

    Any prayers that will help me overcome my depression and anxiety? I'm having anxiety about the future and where my degree will land me. I feel like I've made a massive mistake by not doing what I love and now there's no way to undo it.
  2. M

    Mental and physical pain and horror.

    In the movie Apocalypse Now, Marlon Brando's character says we must embrace the horror. I read several books by people who have had a Near Death Experience. Several have said that one thing they learned is that none of this matters. I also have...
  3. A

    Demonisation of mental illness

    Such a tragic loss of life in the Pyrenees when the plane came down. My heart goes out to those on board, their terror is unimaginable. Another worrying factor is the huge amount of emphasis being put on the mental illness of the perpetrator. Could this be to distract people away from the fact...
  4. L

    The writings on mental heath therapies.

    If someone who was considering to become a Baha'i were contemplating the therapies that I will mention below for sexual compulsivity disorder or what some will refer to as sex addiction, would these therapies be conformant to the writings? I'll list the therapies below along with my concerns...
  5. BlinkeyBill

    Bridging The Gap Between Religion And Mental Illness

    This subject has been discussed a little in the past, but I feel it needs being kept in our awareness more. I have because of my past training in working in the field of working with people of very severe mental illness, and then later in life because of having a very severe disabling illness...
  6. A

    Mental illness

    Mental illness is a very debilitating condition and crosses every possible divide. Mental health is a continuum and our health varies at different stages of our life. It's encumbent on all of us to bear that in mind when communicating with others electronically or verbally. I am not always in...
  7. A

    How the Faith helps us live with mental illness

    As a sufferer of chronic mental illness, the Faith is a constant source of comfort and inspiration. Dearly beloved, please post any thoughts you may have on this topic
  8. V

    mild mental illness, courtship + marriage?

    Would you marry someone who had gone through mental illness (depression, mood disorder, almost-homosexuality) in the past (not anymore), and had a history of schizophrenia in the family ?? Will it significantly make life harder? is it something prayer can overcome? What do the Writings have...
  9. N

    A question about persons with severe disabilities (either mental or physical)

    Hi everyone. I have a question in regards to persons with mild to severe mental and/ or physical disabilities or conditions (whether autism, cerebral palsy or down syndrome etc.) Is there anything in the writings that pertains to these conditions? I would like more information regarding these...
  10. Joanna

    Baha'i and Mental health

    How does the Baha'i teachings view people with mental health issues? Is one allowed to use medicine? Are people with mental health problems or other health issues like disabilities seen as full Baha'is and able to participate in meetings and such? I mean, they are not shunned or pushed aside...