1. Walrus

    The Joyous Messenger!!

    I wanted to start a discussion on one of my favorite topics: Death!! I’ve wanted to for a while now, tried a few times, but ended up stopping each time. The problem seems I have too many thoughts on the subject of death!! :p So forgive me if I seem to ramble. I have almost too many...
  2. BlinkeyBill

    Those who serve Messenger of God

    I have decided after finding out this book is written by a Covenant Breaker to delete this thread. Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone. Many thanks to those who let me know. Loving regards Bill
  3. J

    Torturing God's Messenger

    Torturing God’s Messenger Kenneth E. Bowers • June 27, 2014 RELIGION IN SERIES: GOD SPEAKS AGAIN "Nineteenth-century Persia was a country in the grip of narrowness and fanaticism. Its leaders, alarmed at the Bab’s rapidly rising popularity and fearing for their own positions, unleashed a...
  4. SoldierofAllah97

    Personal Favorite messenger?

    Does anyone have a favorite messenger of God they would like to share? Or would it be considered forbidden
  5. M

    Are their writings about the extinction of the human race before another messenger?

    I know their resides plenty of un told mysteries in Bahaullah's writings about what God will do whatever his authority commands. But I was wondering if any of you fine Bahai's know of scripture pertaining to extinction of the human race, or/and the destruction of the physical earth itself...
  6. LordOfGoblins

    A messenger of wrath is coming for me..

    In form of my beloved marrying another man.. oh God, i feel like its better i wasnt born.
  7. nativetalismanart

    Native American Messenger of God

    I remember on an earlier thread there was mention of various Native Messengers of God including Deganawidah. Since that time, I took a class through the Wilmette Institute on the Kitabi-Iqan and Gems of Divine Mysteries and ended up writing a paper on Deganawidah as Native Messenger of God using...
  8. SpiritualSeeker

    Clear scripture proof that bahaullah is Messenger?

    Hello all, I am sorry I keep loading you all up with my questions but I am needing faith bad, but I dont want to jump right into something without all my questions answered. I want to know if there is CLEAR unambiguous verses from scriptures that prove the coming of Baha'ullah. I have heard...
  9. SpiritualSeeker

    Why a messenger after Muhammad?

    Hello all, Due to my readings and interest in shia islam, I am a bit confused as to why there would need to be a messenger after the Prophet Muhammad. He seemed to be the perfect example and he seemed to bring the perfect religion for ALL of mankind. He was uniting tribes and races. He spoke...