1. L

    Baha'u'llah's Prayer for Muslims

    For those who may not have seen this: It came to our community via a member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the USA Baha Baha’u’llah’s Prayer for Muslims By Omid Ghaemmaghami Editor’s Note: The Baha’i Faith holds Islam, and indeed all divine religions, in the highest esteem and...
  2. BlinkeyBill

    Why aren't Muslims combatting extremism

    I offer this story from Huffington Post, regarding the much claimed "Why aren't Muslims combatting extremism". I consider it an interesting read. There exist two scenarios where no one can hear you scream. The first is of course, in space because there's no oxygen. And the second is on Earth...
  3. J

    Baha'i mistaken for Muslims

    Has anyone seen examples of this or experienced it? It's not uncommon on many anti-Islam sites and blogs I've come across (especially from commenters).
  4. EternalStudent9

    Learning to accept Muslims as a Baha'i.

    I originally wrote this for the Ex-Christian.Net forums, but, since I thought folks over here might enjoy it too, I'm sharing it here as well.
  5. D

    Religious tension in Pakistan as Muslims dig up Hindu grave

    "ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A crowd of Islamic fundamentalists dug up the grave of a Hindu man in Pakistan, police said on Tuesday, in the latest sign of growing religious tension in the increasingly unstable province of Sindh. Shouting "Allahu Akbar", or "God is greatest", the crowd dug out the...
  6. N

    Why Muslims hate Bahai's

    Baha'i started out as a sect of Islam. Like all other Islamic sects, they later claimed to be an independent religion. This development infuriated muslims and to this day there is a war between Baha'i and Islam.
  7. N

    Why Baha'i's hate Muslims

    If you are doing research on this Baha'i thing, then let me give you some info on why Baha'is and muslims are at war. Baha'i started out as a sect of islam in Iran. The sect was called "Babi" Later they decided they are independent enough to shake off the sect label and be their own religion...
  8. BlinkeyBill

    The Muslims who saved Jews from the Holocaust

    It is truly sad in these days the fighting between different faiths, whereas one time most lived in peace with each other. But glimmers of change appear in the world. I see that some Muslims say the Holocaust never occurred, and also Popes are reaching out in friendship acknowledging past...
  9. A

    North America Are there any former Muslims?

    If there are any former Muslims, I would love to converse about the Bab's role in being the Mehdi and Muslims' understanding of Bahais.
  10. arthra

    Burying Baha'is as Muslims....

    In new affront, authorities say they will bury an Iranian Baha'i as a Muslim GENEVA, 10 August 2011 (BWNS) – In an outrageous new incident of religious discrimination, authorities in the city of Tabriz, Iran, have refused to allow Baha'is to bury a relative in accordance with Baha'i law – and...
  11. S

    Claim of Ahmad as the Messiah

    Peace be upon you all! :) Some of you may or may not have read the dialogue held between my benevolent Baha'i brothers/sisters and myself, representing the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, who believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (peace be upon him) to be a Prophet and the Promised One of all...
  12. L

    Ahmadiyya Muslims

    Has anyone heard of this group? While some of the few quotes of their writings I have read seem quite forceful and rarely seem inspired, the correlations to Baha'i scripture is quite astounding. Their founder also claims to be the Mahdi and Messiah, as well as claiming the same ties to Buddhism...
  13. arthra

    Refrain from befriending Muslims .. Baha'is told

    GENEVA, 16 January 2011 (BWNS) – A recent wave of arson attacks on Baha'i-owned businesses in Rafsanjan, Iran, appears to be part of a campaign to fracture relationships between Baha'is and Muslims in the city. After around a dozen attacks on shops – carried out since 25 October 2010 – some...
  14. P

    How to teach suffi muslims ?

    The suffi Islam is so near from the baha'i faith that anyone could mix them, and in many ways. I have a suffi friend. I can come and talk with him hours with the "hidden words", he gives me back the interpretation of Roumi or from his own order. He showed me those suffi parabollas ...