1. Y

    Bahá'í literature In Urdu needed [help please]

    I need the Kitab I Iqan in Urdu hard copy and any other material please help this is for someone intrigued by the faith but can only understand Urdu thanks
  2. A

    Help needed with finding a text of UHJ

    Recently a compilation Teaching Prominent People has been translated into Russian. It was compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice in September 1990. For translation was used electronic version of the text. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have foreword of the Universal...
  3. Y

    Evidence for shoghi effendis words needed

    "As Bahá’u’lláh says often in His Tablets the friends should develop a flair wherewith they can detect the good from the evil person. Mere name of Bahá’í does not constitute a Bahá’í. His character also has to be Bahá'í." - shoghi effendi I have not come across any tablet or saying of any sort...
  4. ernobe

    Help needed proofreading Quran translation

    Hi all, I recently noticed a few errors in the online version of A.J. Arberrys' translation of the Quran. I think someone probably copy - pasted content which did not turn out as expected, due to the odd way the content is arranged in the printed version. It is online at several places as the...
  5. I

    why religions needed?

    As we look in the world and history, we see, most countries that are religious, they have more problems. Look at the Muslim countries now, or the Pops of older centuries, and Persia at the time that Zoroastian clergy dominated people. We see for example, religions separated people from people...
  6. J

    What sort of online service is best needed?

    I find myself a server and a desire to create a project for the community. However I am uncertain what sort of project I should create. I am uncertain if another forum with a more active moderating system in place is even wanted or something else entirely. So I ask you the community what sorts...
  7. S

    Help needed!!!

    Are the books on the following links authoritative Baha'i texts or not?? Can someone help please? Arabic and Persian Baha'i Texts by `Abdu'l-Baha Arabic and Persian Babi and Baha'i Texts I live in Lahore, Pakistan and i was having discussion with one of the local Baha'i leaders,, and he told...
  8. N

    Journal Entry Turned Plea for Help: Prayers Needed

    Hi all :) I don't post very often, but I do read a lot, and tend to stay offline as much as possible. I've had a long history of family issues, and it's honestly becoming too much to bear. So I decided to get my thoughts down on paper, and while writing, I thought I would share it with...