1. Y

    Nature vs Nurture .. Hell is Injust?

    I am seeing teens who have gone through the Bahá'í childrens classes and JY spiritual empowerment program and brought up in kind households. These teens are extremely good, nice humans. Now my question is somebody like Hitler or Nasir Din Shah if they had the same upbringing would they have...
  2. tonyfish58

    Taking Responsibility for Your Actions - Nature & Nurture

    This thread is to explore the issues on taking responsibilities for ones actions in life, to what extent does Nature and Nurture attribute to our ability to know and Love God. To what possible extent may this be taken into consideration when we are taken into account? So if we look t this...
  3. D

    Sunday Faith: Baha’i religion looks to nurture ‘higher nature’ of humankind

    ‘In Vancouver we have the privilege of being naive of the desperate circumstances of the rest of the world,’ says Susan Ardekany, a follower of the Bahai faith. Photograph by: Jenelle Schneider , PNG "Members of the Baha’i faith believe in the unity of mankind but they know people’s actions get...