1. O

    Is the Obligatory Prayer a daily ritual? Let's talk about it

    Is the Obligatory Prayer a daily ritual? We say there's no ritual in this faith but I was wondering because we do have to do the daily physical ablutions. What are your thoughts?
  2. O

    Is the Obligatory Prayer a daily ritual? Let's talk about it

    Is the Obligatory Prayer a daily ritual? We say there's no ritual in this faith but I was wondering because we do have to do the daily physical ablutions. What are your thoughts?
  3. D

    Question on Obligatory Prayers

    I just wanted to confirm my understanding that Baha'i are only required to choose one set of obligatory prayers: Either the long one said once at any point in each day, the middle one repeated three times each day, or the short one said sometime between noon and two hours before sunset each day.
  4. MysticMonist

    Reflection on the medium obligatory prayer

    For background; I very recently have decided to work towards declaring as a Baha'i and am still learning and processing and praying about the core teachings. I had posted something attacking evangelicals in another thread and popsthebuilder wisely pointed out my error in being too negative of...
  5. D

    What is the Greatest Name mentioned in the Obligatory Prayer?

    I would like to know so that I may perform the prayer properly.
  6. camachoe

    Reflections on the Short Obligatory Prayer

    I have now been praying the short obligatory Prayer for like two months and I would like to share what I feel and think, and know from you what you feel and think. I will do it going sentence by sentence, just out of a personal preference, but please let me know in your own words what you...
  7. GoaForce

    Question about the long obligatory prayer

    Allah'u'Abha In the long obligatory prayer, there is one sentence that sounds like a mantra : "Greater is God than every great one!" Can someone give me the Arabic transliteration of this ? I want to say it in Arabic. Thank you.
  8. A

    Are we no longer obliged to say obligatory prayers?

    Here is a talk of Mr. Hooper Dunbar F5ulZ5hHi_k (starts at 15:10) I am not sure that I understood one part of his speech correctly. I’ve heard him saying that Baha’u’llah said that we are no longer obliged to say obligatory prayers. Is it true?
  9. GoaForce

    Analysis of the Short Obligatory Prayer

    Allah'u'Abha The text of the prayer is very intelligent. Look : I bear witness, O my God, that Thou hast created me to know Thee and to worship Thee. I testify, at this moment, to my powerlessness and to Thy might, to my poverty and to Thy wealth. There is none other God but Thee, the Help...
  10. GoaForce

    Need help on the long obligatory prayer

    Greetings. I am currently learning the 3 obligatory prayers. I haven't begin to memorize the long one, but I've read the translation already, and I would like to adapt one line from it. At one point in the prayer, it is said : Now, I am not satisfied with this version of the prayer for my...
  11. M

    middle obligatory prayer

    all my friends in the forum I have a simple question. I would be glad to know the answer for: if someone chooses to say the middle obligatory prayer everyday (which should be recited three times a day) when is the time to say the first one in the morning? I mean can someone say that at for...
  12. Seeking Peace

    Obligatory prayers

    I am just curious, if I may be so bold to ask, to know which obligatory prayers you all do, and how often? I am trying to figure out how to structure my prayer life. Thanks!
  13. N

    Obligatory Prayer Question

    What happens if a person forgets or is somehow unable to perform one one of the three daily obligatory prayers, for instance if they were in an airplane or on the road all day travelling? Are the 95 recitations of the Greatest Name also obligatory on a daily basis? Thank you.
  14. M

    Long Obligatory Prayer..Please help..

    This is what I recite daily. I have memorized it, and love this prayer. Although I get caught up on two parts.. It would be wonderful if my fellow Bahai's guide me to the right direction regarding these matters.. In the passage.. "O God, my God! Look not upon my hopes and my doings, nay...
  15. O

    What language is the Short obligatory prayer traditionally spoken in?

    Would someone from Iran who speaks farsi say it in farsi or is it traditionally said in Arabic? Also if anyone happens to have a link to where a beginner farsi speaker could learn said prayer, that would be great.
  16. ewlabonte

    Long and Medium Obligatory Prayer memorization tools.

    I personally use the Medium Obligatory Prayer, and I developed a tool to help memorize it. It's an html version of index cards where the prayer is presented sentence by sentence, or for long sentences, phrase by phrase. You anticipate what the next sentence/phrase will be and click on the "next"...
  17. K

    Obligatory prayers in Arabic with harakat?

    Allah-u-abha friends, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to direct me to anywhere that had short/medium/long obligatory prayers in arabic with harakat. My Arabic is unfortunately not very good so while I even have access to Farsi prayer books I can't read the prayers without the vowel...
  18. L

    Obligatory Prayer instructions

    Here it appears that there are different obligations depending on the prayer you choose? For the Short and Long Obligatory Prayer, it is prescribed only once per day, while it is only the Medium Obligatory Prayer that is prescribed three times. I am confused, I thought we were obligated to say...
  19. C

    Tired of the Obligatory Prayer

    Interesting topic? Lately I've realized that like, if I didn't have to, then I probably wouldn't say the Obligatory prayer each day. I'll be sitting in my room and it'll be like "ugh the sun's setting, time to go pray"... now to me that seems like a problem. Shouldn't I want to say the...
  20. Jalal

    Obligatory Prayers

    Hi friends!! My name is Jalal. I am an artist in Maryland that has been away from the faith for some years. It's good to find my way home to my spiritual foundation. I would like to learn the Long obligatory prayer by heart but I feel it would be helpful if I had it in audio. Does anyone know...