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    Mr. Paul Lample talk

    Link to the talk: National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States June 8, 2016 To all Local Spiritual Assemblies and registered Bahá’í groups Dear Bahá’í Friends, A few weeks ago, the National...
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    Paul's Message Must be Considered; How Choose You?

    If Satan can keep that glorious message of Paul hidden by blinding people’s eyes to the reality of reconciliation through a message that keeps sin on the table of God’s justice where that sin has already been put away. Many people are living in their minds today with probation rather than salvation.
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    Paul's gospel must be accepted

    Paul’s gospel must be accepted, it must be believed today, and you can be sure that confusion concerning that gospel through the use of a counterfeit gospel; a gospel that looks so much like Paul’s gospel that you’d not know the difference, if you didn’t clearly know Paul’s gospel, will be...
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    Pope John Paul II: Remembering a Friend; Baha'i Planet Article

    I found this article from 2005 intriguing... Monotheism, God's Attributes, and the Baha'i Faith "On the passing of Pope John Paul II, we reflect upon some of the remarkable similarities between his views and Baha'i teachings" Remembering a Friend by Kathleen Kettler Lehman Appeared...
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    The Apostle Paul and his Near Death Experience

    One of the most memorable, ancient and yet forgotten near death experiences was that of the Apostle Paul's...While in the early years of his ministry, Paul was in the city of Lystra...Unbelieving Jews from Pisidian Antioch arrived and turned the crowds against the apostles. The people of Lystra...
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    Baha'i views of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and Question of Succession

    I am offering here some Baha'i reflections on two of Christianity's most important figures: Peter, the rock upon which the Christian Church stands and Christ's appointed successor on earth and Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles and most important of all early Christian thinkers, having had more...