1. B

    How to pay huququllah

    I have serious question - how to pay for huququllah?
  2. N

    Did You Pay the Price

    Jesus has purchased the entire human race out from the marketplace of sin’s ability to condemn the sinner ever again. Do you see why sin is no longer the issue on the table of God’s justice in this age of grace? It’s no longer the issue in the judicial mind of God who received the payment. In...
  3. A

    next generation will pay for the wrongdoings of the past?

    Hi everyone , can anyone help where / if in the writings we have elucidation that the next generation will pay for the wrongdoings of the past. I hope I am making sense. thanks.
  4. Khodrat

    Why live in poverty when you can PAY to live in poverty?

    South African Luxury Hotel Offers Shanty Town Vacation — with Wi-Fi! "For your next poverty tourism vacation, consider South Africa's Emoya Luxury Hotel & Spa's Shanty Town experience. For R850 ($82) a night, or a little less than half of the average monthly salary in South Africa, you and...
  5. N

    Baha'i law: You must pay a portion of your income to Baha'i

    About 100 years after the death of the Baha'i prophet, a new law was enforced; you must give 19% of your income to this organization.
  6. arthra

    Beware! lest you pay one cent for my freedom

    The Episode of Rasheed Pasha and Madame Jackson about Abdul Baha's Freedom It so happened that at one time the secretary of the Turkish Embassy in Paris met Madame Jackson at a reception. Madame Jackson told him about Abdul Baha's incarceration in the town of Acca, and of the cruelty and...