1. R

    Are there anecdotes of 3 Central Figures healing debilitated & freaky people?

    I remember a lot of stories about Baha'u'llah, The Bab, Abdu'l-Baha encountering poor and helping all sorts of need people. But for some reason perhaps, there's certainly some weird afflictions that never get talked about or tossed around. For some reason these anecdotes seem important...
  2. Y

    People who have not heard of bahahullah?

    What happens to people who have not heard of bahahullah? I heard a quote from abdul baha saying you can be a bahai without knowing of bahahullah .. but the opening passage from the kitab i aqdas says who has failed to recognise the prophet has gone astray. 'Whoso achieveth this duty hath...
  3. Y

    People who have not heard of bahahullah?

    this thread needs deleting sorry
  4. gnat

    Learning to Love People

    I think that the Bahá'ís have nothing to learn about loving God. But it is learning to love people that is hard. Look at 'Abdu'l-Bahá: He knew about it. The rest of us just have so much to learn... best from gnat
  5. camachoe

    Will there more opportunities for evil people after this life?

    Hi friends Considering the Bahai doctrine on the immortality of human soul, I would like to know what is the Bahai stance on the fate of people who in this life show a systematic, deliberate rejection of all that is good and divine. Will their souls find successive chances for repentance after...
  6. T

    The Lord allows people to solve their own problems

    Hello all! I was wondering if you could help me out. I have been searching the Bahai website looking for scriptures or stories that talk about God allowing us to learn and to grow, and to make our own decisions. What are your favorite scriptures that teach this idea? Thank you!
  7. B

    People aren't meant to get married in their 30s

    This goes completely against nature. But that is the trend these days - weddings between geriatric, infertile people in their 30s are becoming the norm. This is I think one of the main reason today's young people find it difficult to follow the Baha'i or other religions' laws of chastity...
  8. M

    We, People

    some people believe that in this age human being has stood on the summits of progression, culture and science. we see feminists fight for women rights, homosexuals fight for their own rights, scientists discovering a new thing everyday with many people believing that science can now provide...
  9. BlinkeyBill

    Are people biased

    An Article concerning an experiment regarding acceptance of a Muslim and a Jew, apparently no difference. A Muslim Man Walked Around Milan For 5 Hours With A Quran. These Are The Reactions He Elicited “Taliban!” one woman shouted as Hamdy Mahisen walked past her on a Milan street. “Shit, have...
  10. J

    Ideas for people who feel driven away

    I'm coming out of lurk, to post an idea for anyone who's lurking but not posting, because of how some other members have made you feel, but you miss the interaction with some other members. And no, that's not my reason for not posting. I thrive on people making me feel bad! Maybe you've already...
  11. M

    living with and among other people

    I am recently reading a book by the Christian theologian and philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg. this book, I have started to read, after reading "Private Dawding" and another book of the same nature. there are many interesting parts in the book about which I would like to ask for your opinions: "I...
  12. S

    Hello Kind People!!!

    I am new to the Baha'i Faith, and new to this forum. I am a tad bit shy :o but am looking forward to this !!!
  13. BlinkeyBill

    How can some people sleep at night?

    Gita's family is one of 300 in Daspara village, an hour's drive south from Calcutta, which were swindled in a variety of unregulated "investment" schemes that have swept across India - swallowing up the life savings of some of the country's poorest citizens. ...........But while Saradha and...
  14. S

    The people who made Frontiers of Learning

    Hi, Does anyone know who made the Frontiers of Learning film? It was made for the World Centre, but who were the people or what production company made it? I am a film maker myself and would like to get in touch with these people, as I adore their work and want to do something of a similar...
  15. BlinkeyBill

    How people love a miracle

    ‘Abdu’l-Baha tells the story of Baha’u’llah’s agreement to perform any miracle agreed on by the divines It often happened that in Baghdád certain Muhammadan ‘ulamá, Jewish rabbis and Christians met together with some European scholars, in a blessed reunion: each one had some question to...
  16. J

    When we see people maligning each other.

    I think it's better not to respond at all to those posts, in those threads. Any response at all to those posts, in those threads, will do nothing but fan the flames, and further derail the discussions. Whenever I've been maligned in a forum, it only made things worse for me, to see people...
  17. BlinkeyBill

    Consort with all people

    The intention is to consort with such people as are not antagonistic, or two-faced, or conniving, or hypocritical.[12] Such people [as this poor Arab] are not believers, and there is no harm in that; let him believe in his own convictions. It is exhorted that if we disfavor someone, it should...
  18. D

    Survey finds 30 million people are slaves; with most in India, China and Pakistan

    Thirty million people are slaves, half in India, survey says Its estimate of 29.8 million slaves worldwide is higher than other attempts to quantify modern slavery. The International Labour Organisation estimates that almost 21 million people are victims of forced labour.(Reuters Photo)...
  19. N

    Baha'i prophet hates black people

    Human Equality in the Bahai Faith AZADEH HAIATI, OCTOBER 2008 FEEDBACK PRINT According to Baha’i proponents "the unity of humanity transcending all divisions of race, nation, gender, caste and social class, while celebrating human diversity" [1] is one the most important and central teachings...