1. Y

    We are already divine and perfect?

    Is it true our spiritual self is already perfect, and we are working towards controlling our lower self so that our higher self can shine with all its good qualities ?
  2. Y

    My imperfections .. perfect me ?

    I go through a really tough time (tests?) with my imperfections surrounding me and the self infront of me .. In this darkness I find that only few traces of the light coming from the sun of truth remain ... I then forsake the land of darkness and travel towards the few drops of light I see...
  3. Walrus

    Perfect Manifestations??

    Since I started investigating the Faith, I've heard other Baha'is say that the Manifestations of God were "Perfect" individuals and seen claims to them being "sinless". I do not fully understand this claim, however, and was interested in others' thoughts on the matter. When I first heard it...
  4. LordOfGoblins

    Do you really have to be a Bahai to be perfect???

    I just dont see how this works to be honest. My doctor is a beautiful asian lady (unfortuantely married :( :sad: ) and she just seems to perfect. She smiles and jokes and is extremely intelligent and also is sympathetic which isnt always there in some doctors who are a bit cold hearted. Well she...
  5. cire perdue

    What a perfect short film!

    Short Film | The Butterfly Circus This is really something. Nick Vujicic is as he is in real life, that is not a film trick. This is so touching, it reminds me of many Baha'i ideas. "The more difficult the struggle, the more glorious the triumph." Oh how can we get people to believe this in...
  6. Y

    Baha and the Path of Mount Carmel the Perfect Spirit

    You know I was having another look at that Diagram Arthra referenced by Juan de la Cruez, his Vision of Mount Carmel where "only the Honour and Glory of God dwells" and which he calls the "path of Mount Carmel the perfect spirit"...and I just think it is incredible and really weird how the...