1. MysticMonist

    Mashup poems

    I decided to try something new by mashing up pop songs or other non-faith songs with scripture. I used my words only to improve the flow or verb tense. This is Psalm 119/Ghost Town by Adam Lambert Died last night in my dreams, Hot indignation seizes me, Walking the streets of some old ghost...
  2. MysticMonist

    Platonic Poems

    Im going to do a series of poems inspired by Platonists. I find writing helps me process and retain what I'm studying. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to point our parralels with Baha'i Writings. I think Bahá'u'llá was a platonist :) Lord, teach me to love You my soul, my life, my all. Teach me to...
  3. tonyfish58

    Poems Inspired By the Faith of Baha'ullah

    I had written quite a few poems quite a few years ago while pioneering and was thinking it would be good to share, as many would have given it a go - Just as I started to post I came across Fadl's post which had poetry - go figure Anyway here is a place to post your verses :thumbsup: Here is #...