1. Thomas

    Should one pray for tests?

    With fire we test the gold and with gold we test our servants... I know that we get tested many times everyday. I also know that God does not test an individual beyond his or her capacity. But I also know that I grow more spiritually when I go through a period of hardship and difficulties. If...
  2. O

    What to pray about?: let's have a conversation.

    You know in this faith we have so many prayers written by the central figures of the faith and we can say prayers in our own words. But sometimes I ask what exactly to pray for? How do we know if our prayers are appropriate, right or worng? I would probably think that it would be unwise to...
  3. Y

    Pray to God or Bahá'u'lláh ?

    I've read all the writings from the guardian on advice on being allowed to pray to Bahá'u'lláh or God. I have a question is it acceptable to ask Bahá'u'lláh for forgiveness ? Does he have the power to forgive someone's sins or is that only God's? I'm really struggling with the concept of...
  4. R

    Lets pray for our persecuted brethren!

    Bahá’u’lláh instructs that believers must detach themselves and recite this prayer nine times: He is, in truth, the Omnipotent, the Unconstrained! O Lord of Names and Fashioner of the Heavens! Free Thy lovers from the prison of the enemy. Verily, Thou art the Sovereign Ordainer of Thine...
  5. gnat

    Pray for the Suffering

    How much do we engage in prayer for the suffering of the world? I see such an increase in suffering and such a need for common prayer for those in need. Do you have any good examples? I see before my eyes meetings open to the public, inviting anyone to participate. gnat
  6. EternalStudent9

    Please pray for my injured friend

    Please pray for my friend Corey, who was caught in an accident between two trucks while riding his bike. He is severely injured, all of his ribs are broken and neither of his lungs are functioning. He is currently in ICU.
  7. EternalStudent9

    Pray for me, my friends.

    Dear friends, LogicalReason, the individual around which so much tension on these forums has revolved in the recent past, has popped up on another forum I frequent. Pray that I can be polite! I'm afraid my initial reaction to his appearance was not very Baha'i. It was "Holy. Sh*t. Not you."...
  8. Yusuf Mirza Ali

    Can I pray salaat?

    As-salamu alaykum, I've been Baha'i for about 3 years now, but I've always loved Islam. (Yusuf Mirza Ali is not my real name, but I want to change it to that) I pray 5 times a day, speak Arabic, read the Qur'an, wear a kufi, go to mosques, fast on Ramadan and 'Ala', (As well as Baha'i Centers...
  9. N

    Baha'is must pray the gay away....

    There are too many homosexuals in the world, and within the baha'i community. Let us not forget the words of the Baha'i master; gays are handicapped and they should pray the gay away: Shoghi Effendi, the appointed head of the religion from 1921 to 1957, taught that "through the advice and...
  10. A

    Can I pray like a muslim?

    Can I pray like a muslim if I am Bahai? I love the muslim prayer. I can salah in arabic. So i wondering, can i pray like a muslim if i want to? insted of the bahai obilatroric prayer? Or have i to pray the bahai obliatoric prayer too? :confused:
  11. johnnyboy

    Why pray for the Will of God?

    Dear Friends, It's been a long time that I've been asking myself the following question: why is it said (or just implied?) in the Writings that one should pray for the Will of God to happen? The reason why I find this confusing is because I always thought that by definition, the Will of God...
  12. D

    When to pray for forgiveness?

    I am trying to work out how much we need to pray for forgiveness. We all make mistakes, and in a common sense-type way, we surely don't need to pray for forgiveness after every single one, only the ones that we feel were our 'fault'. But what does that even mean? Aren't they all our fault to...
  13. Noa

    Pray to God from the Prayerbook, or personall?

    I was wondering this. I haven't gotten the hang of the prayerbook, I'm wondering do Baha'is also pray on a personal basis with God? Like hoe christians do, sorta?
  14. LordOfGoblins

    Brothers and sisters pls pray for me...

    My application to serve in Haifa was rejected. So Im applying to pioneer to China. Please pray to confirm me as Ive had a lot of health issues to overcome in order to get to this point where im well enough to do this. THanks alot.
  15. LordOfGoblins

    Dear friends. Please pray for my sister...

    She has recently given birth to a baby and after a difficult labour has subsequently contracted an infection. The antibiotics are not working and it is a serious state. Please help her... :(
  16. Truthseeker96

    How to pray

    I am highly heDing towards becom Ing a Baha'i whenever i read Baha'u'llah's words i feel warm and great inside;i even get the chills. To me thats my soul and heart telling me that this is real. :cool:So how do you pray to God? Do you read the words from the prayer book aloud or can u say them in...
  17. A

    Halmen mofarrejen as a key pray

    Hi I suppose you already know the famous "halmen mofarejen ghayrollah.."prayer. I've heard that many Bahais believe 360 times (I guess)praying it at once, would make your wish come true. Does anyone have any experience of?or have you ever heard about?