1. W

    Do Baha'is have altars or prayer corners in their homes?

    And if so, what do they typically look like?
  2. O

    Can you say part of a prayer?

    Let's say you see a long prayer but you want to say part of it. For example let's say you're trying to pray for healing but it's only one part that pertains to healing and the rest don't. Can you only say that part and not the rest? I was looking at the prayers and meditations book and I was...
  3. R

    How Bahais win the Lottery Jackpot with Prayer

    This is tongue and cheek facetiousness to some degree for people with a sense of humor, but with some important spiritual lessons: In America right now there is a Lottery where if someone wins the jackpot they win this: $ 522 MILLION Cash Option: $308 million Imagine the Bahai Fund if a...
  4. R

    Is Bahai Prayer like "a Circle of the Magician"?

    Personally I find this eccentric Nordic Shaman's video "Drawing of the Magician" BEAUTIFUL Drawing the Circle of the Magician r4o6vGU49uA and IT REMINDS ME of a prayer by the Bab where it seems the Bab uses this prayer in a form as Pentacle. Perhaps There seems to be magical Sigils and...
  5. O

    Is the Obligatory Prayer a daily ritual? Let's talk about it

    Is the Obligatory Prayer a daily ritual? We say there's no ritual in this faith but I was wondering because we do have to do the daily physical ablutions. What are your thoughts?
  6. O

    Is the Obligatory Prayer a daily ritual? Let's talk about it

    Is the Obligatory Prayer a daily ritual? We say there's no ritual in this faith but I was wondering because we do have to do the daily physical ablutions. What are your thoughts?
  7. MysticMonist

    Prayer Advice?

    I’ve been trying to establish a prayer life that I feel called to. What I think I’m trying to do is have it be disciplined but not legalistic, be the focus on my life but not an exercise in pridefulness. It’s a tall order. At minimum, we can say one short prayer, do 95 recitations, and read the...
  8. Babism

    House of prayer for all nations

    House of prayer for all nations / Nazarethan Baha'i Faith Cult, that's truth I created it , it's non-profit assembly , haven't any Universal House, any hierarchy, so Nazarethan Baha'i Faith is cult for Bahá'ís? Have a look, discuss if you like -...
  9. MysticMonist

    Reflection on the medium obligatory prayer

    For background; I very recently have decided to work towards declaring as a Baha'i and am still learning and processing and praying about the core teachings. I had posted something attacking evangelicals in another thread and popsthebuilder wisely pointed out my error in being too negative of...
  10. D

    Good prayer to say with a group of Christians?

    I have organized a devotional dinner tonight with a group of Latter-Day Saint (Mormon) friends in Provo. Previous to my conversion to the Baha'i faith two months ago, I was part of their congregation. I will likely be moving out of the area this weekend and this will likely serve as a farewell...
  11. D

    What is the Greatest Name mentioned in the Obligatory Prayer?

    I would like to know so that I may perform the prayer properly.
  12. camachoe

    Reflections on the Short Obligatory Prayer

    I have now been praying the short obligatory Prayer for like two months and I would like to share what I feel and think, and know from you what you feel and think. I will do it going sentence by sentence, just out of a personal preference, but please let me know in your own words what you...
  13. C

    Missed prayer during menstruation

    Hello, I am a fairly new believer of the Baha'i faith so please forgive me for what little I know so far. I would like to ask a question. I understand that in times of insecurity Baha'i's should recite a specific verse if they are unable to fulfill their obligatory prayer. However, what should...
  14. GoaForce

    Question about the long obligatory prayer

    Allah'u'Abha In the long obligatory prayer, there is one sentence that sounds like a mantra : "Greater is God than every great one!" Can someone give me the Arabic transliteration of this ? I want to say it in Arabic. Thank you.
  15. M

    Mother with young children has cancer -prayer request Our local Baha'i community is organizing a 24 hour prayer vigil starting tonight at 8 PM Eastern timezone. But anytime you feel like praying for her would be appreciated!
  16. Pollwr

    "frequented fane" reference in fast prayer

    I was just looking for some insight into the reference to the "frequented fane" in a prayer for the fast as I could not find "fane" in my paper dictionary. I found this that may be of interest to others. The Badi Blog: Fane
  17. Walrus

    Prayer Question

    Sorry for all the questions today, it happens some times when I get to readin'. :p Reading this: Does anyone have any advice on performing the mid-day obligatory prayer during a common workday without transgressing upon the above commandment?? I'm a bit uncertain as to how to go about doing...
  18. GoaForce

    Analysis of the Short Obligatory Prayer

    Allah'u'Abha The text of the prayer is very intelligent. Look : I bear witness, O my God, that Thou hast created me to know Thee and to worship Thee. I testify, at this moment, to my powerlessness and to Thy might, to my poverty and to Thy wealth. There is none other God but Thee, the Help...
  19. Babism

    Nazarethan Baha'i faith view of prayer from death

    Nazarethan Baha'i faith view of prayer from death Bible and Quran forbidden pray for death, this practice according scriptures are necromancy - kind of idolatry. Deaths are not living persons, man is creatures not "little gods" , of corse some people are "like gods" (spiritual children of...
  20. daniel

    5 Steps of Prayer for Solving Problems

    Baha'i Prayer 5 Steps of Prayer for Solving Problems The below five steps were suggested by the beloved Guardian Shoghi Effendi to a believer as a means of finding a solution through the use of prayer. This statement belongs to the category of statements known as “pilgrims notes", and as such...