1. A

    Your Favorite Prayer

    To every member of this forum, Please describe your favorite prayer in this thread. As for me, Tablet of Ahmad :)
  2. G

    Prayer at midnight

    I have read in several places that it is best to pray at midnight. My question is: Does this refer to midnight by the clock or is it a general time period to denote the range of time when everyone is asleep, usually. I assume this is because it is a time "freed from daily cares," but I would...
  3. Illumine

    Clean Clothes and Prayer

    There has previously been a thread similar this, but my exact question was not answered so I thought I would ask again, I hope that is OK. I know that when praying a person's clothes should be clean. At home I have a prayer outfit which I use and can always keep clean. At work it is a...
  4. Illumine

    A Very Foolish Question about Prayer

    Allah u Abha I have a question regarding prayer that may seem a little foolish, but please bear with me! Although I have not declared, I would like to incorporate the Baha'i prayers into my life. I am a bit confused about how to face the Qiblih. How do I know which direction to face? I am going...
  5. arthra

    A prayer for the Feast of Kalimat (Words)

    O my God and my Master! I am Thy servant and the son of Thy servant. I have risen from my couch at this dawn-tide when the Day-Star of Thy oneness hath shone forth from the Day-Spring of Thy will, and hath shed its radiance upon the whole world, according to what had been ordained in the Books...
  6. arthra

    Prayer for Covenant-breakers:

    I came across this in reading this morning and decided to share it here: The following prayer of 'Abdu'l-Bahá for the Covenant-breakers, who had inflicted untold sufferings upon Him for almost three decades, demonstrates that although the Bahá'ís shun these sick souls, they do not bear...
  7. arthra

    Prayer used to designate names for Badi yr.

    "There is a beautiful prayer in Shí'ah Islam, usually said during the period of fasting in the month of Ramadan, which invokes God through His names. There are nineteen invocations in this prayer and each revolves around one of His names, the first being Baha (Glory). The Báb has taken these...
  8. arthra

    Some notes on intercessory prayer..

    I think we ask people to pray for us all the time and appreciate it.. but we can also ask those in the spiritual world to "intercede" Intercessory prayer: "Whilst ye consort with him, the Concourse on high will be looking upon you, will be interceding for you, will be extolling your names and...
  9. ahanu

    Define prayer

    Define prayer from a Baha'i perspective. I'm interested in reading Baha'i views on prayer. :cool:
  10. arthra

    Baha'i Prayer: "Create in me a pure heart"

    Baha'i Prayer "Create In Me A Pure Heart" - by Nabil M. & Kelsey B. - YouTube
  11. Truthseeker96

    The fast and personal prayer question

    Hey guys, the fast is starting to approach and i know it is from march 2 to the 21. But on the 21 do u not eat till sunset or is the 21 the first day back to normal. Also do you say the fast prayer everyday of the fast or just the first. Now for the personal prayer, i find that after i get...
  12. arthra

    Even Seven Song Prayer:

    This is one of the most beaytiful song prayers I've seen.. See for yourself: Evin 7 Song Prayer, written by Phil Morrison & performed by Adesua - YouTube
  13. J

    Belief in Jinns?

    Hello all. I have been a Baha'i for several months - trying hard to get down the prayers, practices, and beliefs. This concern may sound strange, but I am wondering if anyone else experiences interruptions during prayers - mainly yawning. After I perform ablution and begin the prayer (and...
  14. arthra

    Prayer for wife of the Bab and for His son:

    Some years later [1] the Báb was united in wedlock with the sister of Mirza Siyyid Hasan and Mirza Abu'l-Qasim.[2] The child which resulted from this union, He named Ahmad.[3] He died in the year 1259 A.D.,[4] the year preceding the declaration of the Faith by the Báb. The Father did not...
  15. arthra

    Baha'i prayer in Spanish...

    I think you'll be carried away as I was when hearing this lovely prayer in Espanol: Baha'i Healing Prayer (Spanish) - YouTube
  16. Y

    What is your daily prayer routine?

    Minus the obligatory prayers, which every Baha'i will obviously pray on a daily basis (one of the three options), do you have any other facets which make up your "unique" prayer cycle? For example do you alot certain times in the day for praying other Baha'i prayers? Do you pray mentally at...
  17. cire perdue

    Sullied clothing and prayer?

    God hath enjoined upon you to observe the utmost cleanliness, to the extent of washing what is soiled with dust, let alone with hardened dirt and similar defilement. Fear Him, and be of those who are pure. Should the garb of anyone be visibly sullied, his prayers shall not ascend to God, and the...
  18. K

    Long Healing Prayer

    I call on Thee O Thou Who slayest the Lovers, O God of Grace to the wicked! This excerpt from the Long Healing Prayer...I think it means that the Manifestations were the "slayed Lovers" and that God's Grace is extended to the wicked as well as the non wicked. Please tell me what this means...
  19. Livindesert

    Problems with prayer to Baha'u'llah

    I have been having some problems with the idea of prayer to Baha'u'llah. Why not just pray directly to God? A manifestation is still human they are dead now so why pray to them?
  20. Y

    The Prayer of Jesus: Unity

    On the night before his death, the Lord Yeshua Messiah - known to us in the Western world as Jesus Christ - stood by himself under the starlit night sky and spoke a prayer to his Father on behalf of humanity, knowing that hours later he would be martyred for the sins of the world and the...