1. N

    looking for motivation

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me find any prayers about finding meaning in life and motivation to succeed. I’ve been feeling very nihilist of late and it’s taking a toll on my academics, I have exams in a couple of months and I want to do well but I’m just lacking the...
  2. tonyfish58

    Prayers for our Friends and All

    This Post is to offer Prayers. I wish to start it by offering a prayer for friends that have been part of this Forum and we do not see as often, for reasons still unknown. Two come to mind that we have not heard from for a while. Blinky Bill and Maryamr. Then to anybody that needs this...
  3. D

    Question on Obligatory Prayers

    I just wanted to confirm my understanding that Baha'i are only required to choose one set of obligatory prayers: Either the long one said once at any point in each day, the middle one repeated three times each day, or the short one said sometime between noon and two hours before sunset each day.
  4. A

    Are we no longer obliged to say obligatory prayers?

    Here is a talk of Mr. Hooper Dunbar F5ulZ5hHi_k (starts at 15:10) I am not sure that I understood one part of his speech correctly. I’ve heard him saying that Baha’u’llah said that we are no longer obliged to say obligatory prayers. Is it true?
  5. Pete in Panama

    Prayers for BlinkyBill. Now.

    A skype ping just came to me from Bill, he's very ill, feeling very low and alone. Please pray for his happiness. He's not asking for healing, he says he very much wants to move forward and be free of pain. I texted him that I'm praying for his happiness; I'll copy/paste all well wishes y'all...
  6. Lemuel


    I ask that everyone pray for me, I am in, somewhat of a bad condition at the moment. I am very sick and can not sleep for more than about 5 hours, and my diet has become very restricted. I am writings my thoughts down in a book of shadows to try and preserve my visions of humanity. I am...
  7. tonyfish58

    Prayers for Blinky Bill

    Dear friends, I have heard that our good friend Bill is not well and would like to offer Him our Prayers. May you all think of Bill and Vicky (Bills Wife) during your times of Prayers "Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and...
  8. A

    Prayers for our beloved Catholic brother Sojourner aka Steve

    Dear God watch over and protect our dear brother Steve through his cardiac surgery. Grant him a speedy recovery as you are the supreme physician. Let him and his family feel the warmth of your omnipresence. Allah'u'abha. Aidan
  9. Thomas

    How long do you spend on saying prayers each day?

    How long do you find yourself spending on saying prayers, in terms of minutes or hours, everyday?
  10. tonyfish58

    Answers to our Prayers Discussion

    Another discussion raised the thought as to if God would answer a prayer with a catastrophic event that would see other souls hurt, maimed and killed. This thread is for us to discuss this concept and look for writings that may clarify our understanding. Faith tells us that God is in Control...
  11. M

    group prayers

    Hi all my dear brothers and sisters, all my friends I have not been here for a rather long time, I was not alright, and I was so depressed and desperate that I could not even think of living one more minute. but now I feel a little better, better enough to come and see how my friends are doing...
  12. J

    Australian "Baha'i Prayers & Meditations"

    Dear friends, Has anyone seen this book? It looks quite lovely, but I'd like to know what is in it and how it is different from the usual prayerbook we all have. Specifically I am interested in the readings; I would love to have a prayerbook with some texts in it so I can limit the number of...
  13. Y

    Bahai's prayers

    Allahu abha! Well, I want to convert to Bahai faith and I would like to know how I have to pray. Thank you so much brothers and sisters.
  14. L

    How Bahai Prayers Work

    How Baha
  15. Khodrat

    Prayers for out friend in Ukraine. . .

    Three years ago, I attended an annual Baha'i Summer School in Budapest, Hungary. There were may dear friends I had the privilege of acquainting myself to while I was there and many had traveled from Ukraine. One friend I became so attached to that we still have contact via social networking and...
  16. A

    Prayers for sharing

    For the Lonely and Depressed God bless all who are battling those inner demons of depression, loneliness, unworthiness, and hopelessness. Shine Your warm Heavenly Light down upon all of us, Lord, who are looking for our soul mates. Guide us to find peace, happiness, and contentment in our lives...
  17. D

    OC: Canada: Ask the Religion Experts: What to think when our prayers aren't answered?

    Ottawa Citizen: Canada: Ask the Religion Experts: What are we to think when our prayers aren't answered? November 14, 1013 The extracts below are from the above article, for full article, read more here: Ask the Religion Experts: What are we to think when our prayers aren [i]'Today’s question...
  18. S

    Do prayers have any effect on Gods will ?

    Do you think that prayers will change God's will ? I mean in most books it states that does what He willeth , so why do we pray for assistance and healing ? Anyone I talk to tells me we pray to get closer to God, but if that's the only case why are there prayers for aid, even when we talk to...
  19. S

    Several prayers questions

    Hello, I had several questions regarding prayers, and was hoping someone could help me with. While I try my best to say allah u abha 95 times I know that I probably say it few more or less than 95 times, how do you guys keep track ? I have mild adhd which doesn't help. Also regarding the...
  20. Seeking Peace

    Obligatory prayers

    I am just curious, if I may be so bold to ask, to know which obligatory prayers you all do, and how often? I am trying to figure out how to structure my prayer life. Thanks!