1. W

    Where did Baha'u'llah go after he physically died, where is he now?

    I have been wondering for a while now, what happens to Manifestations of God when they physically die? Do they dwell with God and never live a physical life again? Do they go onto the next world like the rest of us? If so, when they go into the next world, are they still manifestations or are...
  2. A

    Benefits of Bahai Prayers Over Islamic Prayers

    (A) The five daily prayers in Islam must be recited in Arabic which is a disadvantage to most Muslims who do not understand Arabic. However, the three daily prayers in Bahaism can be recited in one's primary language - thanks to authoritative translations from the UHJ. (B) The five daily...
  3. A

    Prayers invested with a special potency and significance?

    Dear Friends, Having meditated upon that quotation I was wondering do we know any more examples of such prayers? One would think that the Fire Tablet is also meant to be extremely powerful. Also, what about this short prayer revealed by Bab for removal of difficulties? IS there any Remover...
  4. N

    Journal Entry Turned Plea for Help: Prayers Needed

    Hi all :) I don't post very often, but I do read a lot, and tend to stay offline as much as possible. I've had a long history of family issues, and it's honestly becoming too much to bear. So I decided to get my thoughts down on paper, and while writing, I thought I would share it with...
  5. arthra

    Say some prayers for Iran...!

    Baha'is have been asked by the Universal House of Justice to say some prayers for the friends in Iran... this is a tense time if you've been following the news so I'm encouraging everyone I know to pray!:cool:
  6. A

    Plea for your prayers

    Dear all, Baha'i or not, I've learned a lot from being a member in this forum and continue to do so and for that I thank each and every one of you. May God fulfill your grandest dreams. I am faced with a surmountable test and I am broken and battered. I ask you earnestly to remember me in your...
  7. K

    Obligatory prayers in Arabic with harakat?

    Allah-u-abha friends, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to direct me to anywhere that had short/medium/long obligatory prayers in arabic with harakat. My Arabic is unfortunately not very good so while I even have access to Farsi prayer books I can't read the prayers without the vowel...
  8. I

    A Request: Most Inspiring Teachings and Prayers

    Dear All, I want to really switch gears for a while from trying to think through all the implications of different views on the resurrection of Christ. That question, while it has religious implications, is entirely intellectual. I have a tendency to over-intellectualize spiritual things--a...
  9. K


    Hi, While I have been a bahai' since 1988, I am asking for prayers be sent for a friend of mine who just recently found out they not only have Hep C, HIV, but also Cancer. While I have sent them a Healing Prayer from "The writings of Abdu'l-Baha' pg 151-152 if there's others you might know...
  10. ohhcuppycakee

    some prayers from the Qur'an

    Right now I am taking the time to read the Qur'an cover to cover and take notes. I am also taking note of which ayats contain prayers. I think I will share some with you. I know y'all are very fond of prayers. Feel free to post some prayers from scriptures of all faiths. "Our Lord! we have...
  11. Fadl

    Prayers and Writings of the Blessed Bab

    Verily I am Thy servant, O my God, and Thy poor one and Thy suppliant and Thy wretched creature. I have arrived at Thy gate, seeking Thy shelter. I have found no contentment save in Thy love, no exultation except in Thy remembrance, no eagerness but in obedience to Thee, no joy save in Thy...
  12. S

    Ideas and prayers

    Okay, So I still haven't received word for the final decision for a year of service at the BWC, but I do plan on doing that or spending a year youth pioneering. However, I have to do this all my own because my family does not understand me being religious. I am poor and living under...
  13. Y

    Abdu'l-Baha's Prayers for America

    These are really beautiful!: O Thou kind Lord! This gathering is turning to Thee. These hearts are radiant with Thy love. These minds and spirits are exhilarated by the message of Thy glad-tidings. O God! Let this American democracy become glorious in spiritual degrees even as it has...
  14. C

    Morning / Evening / Midnight Prayers

    Simple quandary. My routine is to say the evening prayer before going to bed and the morning prayer when I wake up. Sometimes, I'll wake up and it will be past noon. Is it still appropriate to say the morning prayer? I woke up past 12 today and realized this was a question I was meaning to...
  15. Tanuki

    Prayers for Employment

    Hi guys, Anyone know of any prayers specifically for finding a job/employment? I have heard that Tablet of Ahmad is a good place to start - how should one utilise it? Chant it everyday until one finds employment, or perhaps say it for nine days on and nine off? All thoughts welcome. With...
  16. triksel

    Recorded Bahai prayers in Turkic languages

    If anyone is interested I've created a collection of Baha'i prayers in Turkic languages in my blog. Hope you'd like it.
  17. N


    hi, i've been reading a lot about the religion lately, and would like to know how are the prayers performed? i mean i know that there are some reading that needs to be recited but is there a certain way to perform it that includes kneeling and praying on a prayer mat or things like that?
  18. Jalal

    Obligatory Prayers

    Hi friends!! My name is Jalal. I am an artist in Maryland that has been away from the faith for some years. It's good to find my way home to my spiritual foundation. I would like to learn the Long obligatory prayer by heart but I feel it would be helpful if I had it in audio. Does anyone know...
  19. arthra

    Add Kathy Grammer to your prayers

    A MESSAGE FROM RED GRAMMER Dear Friends, Kathy has been diagnosed with cancer. There are lesions on her vertebrae that most likely originated in the breast. There will be more information shortly as a biopsy, PET scan, etc., are analyzed. We know that this is a...