1. L

    Baha'i and christian? Problems..

    Hi. So first of all, i heard about baha'i just few weeks ago. I met this nice guy earlier, and we've been seeing and texting a lot. This week we had a date, and we ended up having sex. _After_ that happened, this guy told me I was his first one. I was suprised, we're at our late twenties so I...
  2. daniel

    5 Steps of Prayer for Solving Problems

    Baha'i Prayer 5 Steps of Prayer for Solving Problems The below five steps were suggested by the beloved Guardian Shoghi Effendi to a believer as a means of finding a solution through the use of prayer. This statement belongs to the category of statements known as “pilgrims notes", and as such...
  3. T

    The Lord allows people to solve their own problems

    Hello all! I was wondering if you could help me out. I have been searching the Bahai website looking for scriptures or stories that talk about God allowing us to learn and to grow, and to make our own decisions. What are your favorite scriptures that teach this idea? Thank you!
  4. 9

    attn: admins - problems with registration

    Dear Friends, Does anyone know how to contact the administrator here? I have sent this through the 'contact us' link and posted in the 'feedback' forum with no response. It has come to my attention recently that several people have been trying to register here and getting a similar message...
  5. Truthseeker96

    Family problems about faith

    Hey guys, my dad was never really into me following this faith, he thought the worst and refused to even read about it foe himself. He says he dosent want me sacarfiseing any birds and meeting people in this cult. And other bad things that hurt when he says them. He told me that if i want a...
  6. B

    Problems in the dating life of a Bahai

    Hello, I am a male in my early 30's. I have an issue which has negatively affected at least 3 relationships that i have been in including this last one which was very difficult. The issue is that most of my dates are with non-Bahais due to the limited amount of Bahais in my country. Long...
  7. Livindesert

    Problems with prayer to Baha'u'llah

    I have been having some problems with the idea of prayer to Baha'u'llah. Why not just pray directly to God? A manifestation is still human they are dead now so why pray to them?