1. M

    I use Quantum Physic's to compliment BF.

    13067.1 I use public articles and books about Quantum Physic's to supplement my understanding of all Creation. Anyone else doing this too? I use the mental allegories I perceive to validate a source of creation and how there can truly be, more. The 'Many World's of God' quote from...
  2. Romane

    Interesting theory

    Good morning The other day while at the library waiting for my wife to select books, was reading a copy of New Scientist from November 2014. I will quote here some selcted passages and you will see why I found it so interesting. This is to do with current theory in quantum theory, and a new...
  3. Zoharo

    The Quantum Leap of Global Reconciliation

    Baha'is believe in the Unity of Religion. This principal, among the monotheistic religions of the world, is proven in each its own prophecies, a global time frame of spiritual education. My deep appreciation towards Juel Pettersen (B. 1946 - D. 2006) for his research and assemblage of such...
  4. L

    Quantum Mechanics actually makes sense

    Ulrich Mohrhoff explains WHY the rules of quantum mechanics are what they are. It's "unity of science and religion" at the very core of reality. Pondicherry Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Further elucidations
  5. Truthseeker96

    did God created the Quantum Laws

    Allah-u-abha friends, I watched this video about if God created the universe, and the scientist where able to prove that God did not have to be there for the universe to be created. As Baha'is I know we are suppose to embrace the science, and in this video it leaves only room for God to have...