1. O

    Questions about the Baha'i stance on polygamy?

    I am a baha'i that likes to search for truth and understanding so I was searching around and found some quotes on polygamy: “Know thou that polygamy is not permitted under the law of God, for contentment with one wife hath been clearly stipulated. Taking a second wife is made dependent upon...
  2. M

    A Question About the Day of Judgment

    Allaho Abha all my dear friends, I'll directly go to my question. In Bible, there is the talk of the Day of Judgment when God comes down on the clouds, with two angels. now, I want to know if that Day is the Time of Bahaullah or the time of Mohammad? Jesus says His laws won't change until the...
  3. T

    I have a question about getting your parents' consent to marry.

    Hello, everyone. I am not a Bahai. I have never been a member of any organized religion in my life, but I have been trying to learn about different religions for the past few years and recently have been investigating the Bahai Faith and reading a lot about it. I have lots of questions and I may...
  4. Y


    If one does not contribute in the Ruhi sequence is this breaking the covenant ?
  5. Y

    Music question

    Alláh’u’Abhá dear friends I have a question, So music is permissible, is it okay to listen to music where the authour and his lyrics are against the spirit of the faith and i even find myself disagreeing with the authour and laughing at his low mindedness but I am enjoying the music very much ...
  6. GoaForce

    Question about a verse from the Kitab-i-Iqan

    Allah'u'Abha In the Kitab-i-Iqan, paragraph 7, there is written, on the subject of Noah : "He several times promised victory to His companions and fixed the hour thereof. But when the hour struck, the divine promise was not fulfilled. This caused a few among the small number of His...
  7. C

    Question about Gleanings XVIII

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone else has found this passage from Gleanings to be difficult to understand. I am not speaking in terms of interpretation, but simply the outer meaning. "Say: Perused ye not the Qur’án? Read it, that haply ye may find the Truth, for this Book is verily the...
  8. Y

    Haququllah question

    Was Haququllah used for funding the UHJ buildings in Haifa? Can Haququllah be used for things which the UHJ require as necessary for the faith or is it strictly for other means ? If so can someone outline what it is only to be used for
  9. Y

    Important question on lies

    I understand lying is forbidden. I have heard from a Baha'i if I enter Iran and I am a Baha'i and I get asked if I am a Baha'i I must say yes as lying is forbidden .. Now what if your intentions are really clean and clear but a lie is said is it still forbidden as the bhagvad Gita is based on...
  10. Y

    Random question (s)

    Just one of my random questions as I need an answer, this may sound stupid to some. I'm a new Baha'i so still getting an understanding of the faith, if say I want to visit a theme park for my enjoyment is that allowed and if so is it supported by bahahullah anywhere?
  11. D

    Question on Obligatory Prayers

    I just wanted to confirm my understanding that Baha'i are only required to choose one set of obligatory prayers: Either the long one said once at any point in each day, the middle one repeated three times each day, or the short one said sometime between noon and two hours before sunset each day.
  12. GoaForce

    Question about the long obligatory prayer

    Allah'u'Abha In the long obligatory prayer, there is one sentence that sounds like a mantra : "Greater is God than every great one!" Can someone give me the Arabic transliteration of this ? I want to say it in Arabic. Thank you.
  13. Walrus

    Prayer Question

    Sorry for all the questions today, it happens some times when I get to readin'. :p Reading this: Does anyone have any advice on performing the mid-day obligatory prayer during a common workday without transgressing upon the above commandment?? I'm a bit uncertain as to how to go about doing...
  14. Walrus

    Huqúqu'lláh Question

    So reading the Kitab-i-Aqdas I came accross the following where the Huqúqu'lláh is proscribed. So this is where the payment of 19% comes from. From the precise wording here, however, it almost seems to me like it is saying that one pays Huqúqu'lláh only after acquiring 100 mithqáls of gold...
  15. S

    Question Involving the Guardian

    Greetings! I know this is my millionth thread this week. But I have just been doing a lot of thinking lately. I was about to go to bed when I figured I'd finally ask, because it's something I honestly don't know the answer to. I have read many quotes from the Guardian (Er, on behalf of...
  16. M

    A Question

    Today someone asked me a question about the "Tafseer Surah Alkosar" (explanation of Surah Al-Kosar) by Bab. the book is in Arabic language and since now I had not been able to find a translated copy of it. anyway, in a part of the book Bab said something which I will translate here in English...
  17. B

    Question about the fast

    Hello friends! The fast is approaching, it will be my second time! :D I am so excited but I don't know how to go about it. First I will travel as an echange student for two weeks, and then they will come with me home for two weeks. I don't know if I should do the fast as I want to have energy...
  18. M

    A Simple Question

    my dear friends in forum for three years now, since I have become a Baha'i, I have always been saying my daily obligatory prayers in English language, also the prayers for ablution and in fact alllll kinds of prayers. but yesterday I heard that it is said that daily obligatory prayers and...
  19. A

    A question about Harry Potter

    Believe it or not, today for the first time ever I watched a Harry Potter movie. An entertaining piece of cinema with some marvellous fx. Definitely not suitable for young children as it was at times vert dark, gruesome and gory! Question, can stories such as this which promote "magic", distort...
  20. B

    question about marriage

    how do two people get baha'i marriage/wedding if they were already married in court and already have marriage certificate? they want to do the baha'i wedding and ceremony even though they were already married in court many years ago for whatever reason. i understand that baha'i marriage require...