1. Walrus

    Baha'i Quranic Study #2 Al-Baqara

    Continuing from here: http://bahaiforums.com/interfaith/12943-seeking-bahai-study-quran.html, continuing work to examine the verses of the Quran from a Baha'i lens. This will cover the entire second Surah, Al-Baqara. And looks like I'll have to chop it into parts because of its length. Here's...
  2. GoaForce

    My take on Quranic embryology

    Hello. I meditated on the Holy Quran the other day, and I am amazed by how intelligent the Book is. In the Surah of the Believers (Al Muminun, #23) there is a passage that is quoted a lot by Muslims as being a scientific miracle, while anti-Islam propaganda target it as being a proof of the...