1. K

    5th root race?

    Aoa, Is there any mention of root race in bahai writings? THE ROOT RACES OF MANKIND -        Awareness of Nothing thanks Kami
  2. BlinkeyBill

    Race and Fear

    At this time of troubles I read about in the USA and other countries, re race relations, I feel this article is most timely. 5 Things You Can Personally Do About Racism
  3. tonyfish58

    A new Race of Mankind

    Dear friends. It is worth discussing what we must do to be the "New Race of Mankind" that Baha'u'llah has called us to be. The old world order is crumbling fast and we are not exempt from being caught up in its influence. We have to look long and hard of how much we participate in its...
  4. M

    Are their writings about the extinction of the human race before another messenger?

    I know their resides plenty of un told mysteries in Bahaullah's writings about what God will do whatever his authority commands. But I was wondering if any of you fine Bahai's know of scripture pertaining to extinction of the human race, or/and the destruction of the physical earth itself...
  5. Y

    On the Unity of the Human Race

    I read this in an article about Pope Pius which I found really interesting because it reminded me of Baha'i teachings: Pius XI's 17-year pontificate was devoted to achieving the great task of peace and the reordering of the Church. After the collapse of the old systems in World War I, he...
  6. shathaway

    Human Race Redefined

    All history has been the stories of races, cultures, nations, peoples, and religions. Now, the history of humankind as a whole has begun, and Bahá'u'lláh's writings reveal how very different it will be. You'll want to explore them for yourself. Sincerely, Steven J. Hathaway :cool